The Power of Direct Hypnosis -90 Minute Training, PDF Notes, Scripts, Downloadable Content


The Power of Direct Hypnosis

with Dr. Richard Nongard

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Direct hypnosis is often confused with authoritarian hypnosis of Svengali like characters who control other people. But do you recognize that even Milton Erickson, who was famed for his “indirect” approach, was quite directive? The creator co cognitive-behavioral therapy, Albert Ellis, was a master hypnotist who advocated hypnotic transformation and even write about it in his book Rational Emotive Therapy.

In this webinar you will learn to create change without regard to the “cause” or “ISE” and you will learn to speak directly to the subconsious mind, breaking also associations and replaceing them with new ideas. This is the heart of Cognitive Therapy, and hypnosis is the tool for doing this.

You will learn:

  • The 4-Step Direct Strategy for single session change
  • How to turn a convincer into a change agent
  • How to deliver compounded suggestion
  • What to say to break lifelong subconsious associations that have held clients back

Do you know how to use expectancy to produce results? Direct hypnosist do. And you will learn how to take a convincer and create change before a client even closes thier eyes.

Direct hypnosis has a long and rich history, with many leading teachers using these practical approaches that are perfect ofr formal or informal hypnosis, and even rapid response and quick single session change.

In this webcast, you will watch Dr. Richard Nongard demonstrate methods you will be able to use, and you will get printable notes and scripts to help you practice the course content. You will even get to experience direct hypnosis yourself!

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