How to Access Your Course Materials

You will need to sign-in to access your courses. 

Use the link in the menu at the top to sign in with your email address as your user name.

If you do not know your password, use "lost password."

AFTER you log-in it will take you to the last course you registered for. 

You can access any other classes AFTER you sign in from the menu at the top called "My Access" where you will find a list of any and all courses you are registered for.

Looking for courses your signed up for PRIOR to 2021 on SubliminalScience.com? 

Simply visit SubliminalScience.com to access courses purchased from that site prior to 2021. The sites are not connected, so you might have a different password. If you do not know your password, use "lost password." Any new courses 

Not Getting My Emails?

Many email services block 'system generated email' or put it in SPAM, Other, or Social folders. Check these mail folders in your email. To avoid this, add richard@experthypnosis.com to your address book and tell your system "this is not junk." 

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We want you to have some of the best trainings from our previous conventions. At every event we record all the presentations. We have selected almost eight hours of teachings from previous conventions and want you to have free online access to these recordings! Just tell me where to send your VIP access to these FREE video presentations:

Videos training from previous ICBCH conventions