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What do you need to change? As a leader in professional hypnosis, life coaching, and personality transformation, I can help you get unstuck and do it quickly.
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My goal is to help you set new intentions, change your circumstances, and discover happiness at home, in your business, or in your family. Its starts by scheduling your first session...

How Can We Work Together?

Life Coaching Solutions

Business Development Coaching

Which solution is best for you?

Online professional hypnosis for health, habit, and happiness.
Life coaching, goal setting, and working with a transfomational partner to create success.
Personality discovery and deep level lasting change.
Panoramic dream analysis sessions to help you discover your higher self!
Step-by-step proven strategies for creating lasting change.
Life skills, problem-solving, emotional release, and stress management.
As a business leader, with an MBA (in addition to my psychology and counseling training) I am the perfect match to coach you in reaching your entrepreneurial goals.

Coaching can help you now...

Personality problems and emotional growth
Health and habit hypnosis and coaching
Online marketing and eccommerce consulting.
Business building strategy and consulting.
Interpersonal communication training.
Social intelligence and skill development.
Mindfulness training and self-hypnosis.
Existential and spiritual challenge.

Learn How Hypnosis Can Help!

Dr. Nongard has completed his Doctor of Psychology at California Southern University, which is an institutionally accredited university, recognized by the USDOE and CHEA. His dissertation was titled: Confidence in Hypnotherapy Practice: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.

He holds a second Doctorate in Transformational Leadership with a concentration in Cross-Cultural Engagement through Bakke Graduate University. The United States Department of Education (USDOE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) both recognize BGU as an institutionally accredited university. 

He earned his master’s degree in counseling at Liberty University in January of 1991, and has an undergraduate degree in ministry. He also has an undergraduate degree from Excelsior University (Albany, NY) which is part of the State University System of New York. 

He holds an M.B.A. in Business Marketing from California Coast University. 

Richard is an innovative leader in the field of psychotherapy and hypnosis, and over the last 40+ years he has trained thousands of professionals including ministers, medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, family therapists, hypnotherapists and professional counselors in ways to do a better job serving their clients.

He is the author of many textbooks and resources in clinical hypnotherapy, a frequent conference and keynote speaker and also maintains a busy private practice.

All hypnotherapists are not created equal. When you contact Dr. Richard K. Nongard, you are calling one of the top hypnotherapists in the country, and the results you experience will be magnificent!

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