Ericksonian Concepts for Effective Hypnosis

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You can access all four complete sessions right now, including the audio sessions, the downloads, and the resources that can help you apply Ericksonian hypnosis to many different types of clients! This course is a must-have for anyone working with medical issues, smokers, and helping people make real change with hypnosis. 

Ericksonian Concepts for Effective Hypnosis

Video Training One: Overcome Anything


In session four of these course modules, I share how to make hypnosis last. One client said to me, “How long does this feeling of awesomeness last?” and I shared with her how to make it last forever and in this series I show you step-by-step how to make hypnosis s permanent resources state.

Milton Erickson was remarkable, but what many do not realize is the depth of his knowledge in hypnotic experiences came not from taking classes, but from his own experience using healing trance. He overcame polio, paralysis, and learning difficulties.  He struggled his entire life – yet lived to almost 80 with a rich and satisfying life.

What do you need to overcome? What is holding you back? Using Ericksonian techniques, this class will guide you into hypnotic breakthrough – teaching you not only to help others, but to master your own mind and body.

I am going to share the key elements of a paper by Erickson and Rossi called “Autohypnotic Experiences of Milton H. Erickson” and you will learn ways of creating a creative moment using hypnosis  that Erickson called “flashes of light”. I am going to guide you through an experiential process of auto hypnosis, just as Erickson outlined it.

When you take this class you will learn how Erickson could overcome anything, but more importantly how you can use those same methods to overcome anything!  You will experience hypnosis in this class, and I will provide you with a script for auto hypnosis based on the session.

This course will also explore hand levitation and the therapeutic value and use of hand levitation techniques in hypnosis.

The result? Your life gets better and so do the lives of people you share these techniques with. If you work with people who want pain control hypnosis, healing hypnosis and want to experience the transformation hypnosis can bring, this class is for you.

Video Training Two: Advanced Parallel Programming

Do you ever think to yourself, “That’s not what I wanted to do…” But you did it anyway?  We know that happens to smokers, and dieters, but it probably happens to everyone at some point.  The reason you act incongruently with what you want is that the subconscious wants and the conscious desire simply do not line up.

How do you become a more congruent person? A calmer person? And one how intuitively masters any new learning, emotional feelings or action?  By practicing APP (Advanced Parallel Programming.  This technique is at the core of Ericksonian theory and you will learn a 7 step process you can use in your own life, or with clients, to elicit permanent change at the deepest level.

In this course, I will teach the method of APP, but more importantly, guide you through your own mystical experience, so that you can emerge a power powerful person, able to use hypnosis for the deepest level of subconscious reprogramming.

Video Training Three: 24-Hour Trance
(How to stop doing hypnosis and become hypnotic)

july17Erickson believed all people are always in a trance state. The question for Erickson was not, “How do I hypnotize someone” but rather, “How do I use trance states.”  I call this 24-hour hypnosis – learning to become hypnotic rather than simply doing hypnosis.

This is a fundamental strategy in conversational hypnosis, and the result will be an intuitively based way for you to build rapport, structure hypnotic suggestion and use the naturally occurring trance states clients bring to your session.

Trance utilization – a core concept every therapist must understand to master hypnosis, and trance depth are major components of this class.

Video Training four:
Symptom Lifting

Do you help people with medical conditions? Or do you experience your own chronic or ongoing medical issues? The technique of “symptom lifting” revolutionized medical hypnosis when Miltonaug21 Erickson introduced this idea to the world of hypnotherapy.  In this class you will learn his method for symptom lifting, the value of hypnotic levitations, and metaphors for healing. the script I provide you within this class can be adapted to many different client conditions, and your skills in medical hypnotherapy will make a huge leap by taking this course.

This was originally released as the 2106 ICBCH Summer School, but you can get access to all four course modules and all resources right now!

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