After The Induction: 7 Strategies for Successful Suggestive Therapy

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Go beyond script writing in hypnosis to creating content suggestions in therapy.
Learn how this Spring for less than $6 per classroom hour if you are one of the first 100 to register!

Never “freeze” during a session because you don’t have the right words!
Use research-based hypnotic suggestions and up your success

Six weeks in our online learning center will move your confidence to the expert level

A lot of hypnotists freeze after the induction, preferring to just read a script someone else wrote, or use a process like regression because it is the only strategy they have been taught. A

And some people learn hypnosis but then NEVER do sessions because they lack the confidence that their suggestions will work and that the client will actually change…

If you ever struggle after the induction to find the right process this for your client, this course is for you. You can join me for this six -part practitioner course that provides real solutions to structuring suggestions.   Do these problems sound familiar?

  • How long should a session be, and how do I make it longer?
  • How do I avoid losing control of a session when doing regression or parts therapy?
  • How do I enter every session with a plan that produces results?

Do You Want to Use the Proven Strategies for Structuring Sessions and
Suggestions That I have Been Using for Almost 30 Years?

**24/7 Worldwide Course Access Online**

Recorded over a six-week period, you have 24/7 access to all six hours of content. I will share with you:

  • How to structure successful sessions from start to finish
  • How to fill the time expected by clients with meaningful suggestions
  • A foolproof method for adlibbing your own scripts on the fly!


Each segment is pre-recorded, and I am always available via email or in our group forum to answer any questions.

Do not worry!  Everything is available 24/7 on your own schedule and you can attend online from anywhere in the world. After each class, the contents will be posted and available to you 27/7 streaming online or even as a download for offline viewing.


Here are the main learning points. You will get content, demonstrations, downloadable scripts, and even an opportunity to practice the techniques in self-hypnosis during the class!

  • Session One:  Structuring successful suggestions before the count of three!
  • Session Two:  The NLP pattern any hypnotist can use in any session to create instant change in any session.
  • Session Three:   How to create new narrative without taking clients back to painful past events.
  • Session Four:  Generating suggestions from client content
  • Session Five: The P.R.E.S.E.N.T. method of combining direct and indirect suggestions
  • Session Six:  How to implement research-based techniques into sessions


If you take this course, you will never struggle after the induction again. You will have a plan, the techniques, and the skills to conduct any session with confidence, clarity, and avoid the chaos of unstructured sessions.

Are you in?  If you are one of the first 100 to pre-reregister it’s as low as $6 a session! Than is less than the cost of buying me luch once a week, and you will get guaranteed solutions for your sessions. These are the methods I actually use, they are the principles that research shows actually work.

If you work with smokers, weight-loss clients, anxious clients, or help people overcome fears, pain and difficulty this is the class for you. So pre-register now and be one of the first 100 to take this course.

This is all new content, filmed in my Las Vegas clinic in April of 2019. You will be learning exactly what I do and how I do it, and the results will empower you to empower your clients in every session.

 All course materials are downloadable for easy 24/7 access on your own schedule if you cannot participate in real time.