Crisis and Trauma Hypnosis

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A four part online course, teaching the skills of crisis and trauma hypnosis.  Learn to help heal past hurts without taking someone back to their pain, and master advanced strategies for hypnosis with people in crisis.

Crisis and Trauma Hypnosis
A Four-Part Online Learning Experience

As a hypnotist, are you prepared for crisis response? A few years back I was driving north of Dallas when the two cars in front of me collided and crashed. They were doing at least 70 mph at the time of the impact, and one of the cars was torn in half. I ran to the ejected driver, who was seriously injured and while waiting for the ambulance, was very grateful that I understood the value of crisis and trauma hypnosis. Do you want to learn the conversational hypnosis (and first aid) techniques I keep him from entering both hypnoveolemic shock and neurogenic shock?


Some of the most heartwarming stories about the applications of hypnosis I have heard come from hypnotists who have provided services at the scene of natural disasters, and other hypnotists have integrated hypnosis into on-scene crisis response. Do you want to be able to respond to natural disasters in your area with expertise and a real helping spirit?

There clients who call us wanting to resolve traumas that have occurred previously in their lives, but continue to distress them in the present. What is your approach for survivors of PTSD and trauma induced stress syndromes?

Do you want the skills that can not only help these people, but set you apart as an expert who knows how to help people who have survived trauma, disaster, and crisis?

I will also focus on alternative to regression, or taking a client back to a previous trauma to find resolution. A pervasive viewpoint in hypnosis is that “regressing-to-cause” is essential for trauma resolution, and this old idea will be challenged as you will learn evacative hypnotherapy strategies that will give you new skills and help you set aside the risky strategy of going back to previous traumas to find serenity today.

Hypnosis in crisis and trauma work is without a doubt one ofHypnotic Convincers
the most important tools you can have.

Not only does it help people, and can bring you new clients who need hypnosis to resolve the traumas they have experienced.

Join me for a four part online learning experience in crisis and trauma response hypnosis

  • Part One:  Three Techniques for Immediate Crisis Response
  • Part Two:  Reversing a Trauma through time distortion hypnosis and the principles of bilateral stimulation of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
  • Part Three: Trauma Resolution and evocative hypnotherapy strategies Guest instructor: Kweethai Neill, Ph.D.
  • Part Four: 8 Steps to creating joy where there once was pain



You are going to get instant access to a resource series that I make available to mental health professionals. These bonus materials include three downloadable recordings you can use yourself, learn from and share with clients. These bonuses are included on the access page under each part.