Step-by-Step Drug and Alcohol Addiction Hypnosis

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The Step-By-Step Series Returns – Complete with video, audio, and printable PDF scripts

Learn to structure alcohol and drug addiction hypnosis sessions that can bring you new clients, and help people live better lives.

Step-by-Step Drug and Alcohol
Addiction Hypnosis

Create a niche helping people overcome addiction to Alcohol & Drugs of Abuse

This is far more than a training course. Substance abuse intervention is a highly open market that is seeking hypnosis, and something I am an expert in. I started my career as a substance abuse counselor and have been using hypnosis with addicts for 30+ years. I want to share with you how to help support those who are recovered to live their best life. The course contents are based on the research in addiction, my real-life client successes, and 31 years of personal sobriety.

Why This Course Is For You?

A life-changing opportunity for you!  Treatment centers nationwide will hire hypnotists to facilitate patient groups, teach self-hypnosis and even provide one-on-one hypnosis sessions. But they will only work with hypnotists trained in a multi-disciplinary approach, and hypnotists with a depth of knowledge about substance abuse and recovery. Do you want that knowledge and the documentation to prove your training?

Are you creating hypnosis programs for this niche? If not, you are missing out on individual clients in your office, Skype clients online and helping people overcome addictions. We all know hypnosis works for nicotine addiction, so apply your skill sets to a broader market and specialize in helping people live their best life in recovery from addition to drugs and alcohol.

This is a multi-part online learning experience. A comprehensive approach to working with addicted clients. I will give you my tried and tested pre-talk ideas, my direct and indirect suggestions, scripts and patter for a wide variety of recovery related issues.

Potential clients want you to help them! Are you going to seize this opportunity?
You can do it with confidence by taking this class. It is all online. You can access 24/7 and complete it at your own pace.

Do you want to master a multi-theoretical approach? To be successful with addictive clients you must understand how to work within the 12-steps, and to transcend the limitations of the 12-steps. You need to know more than simply how to discover “initial sensitizing events” and know the biology of addiction. This course will show you step-by-step how to use hypnosis in any phase of active addiction and in the various phases of full recovery. It will help you find solutions based in the science of addictionology, recovery from trauma, context-based solutions, and how to work with both individuals and groups.

Approved CE Hours. This course is offered by Dr. Richard K. Nongard, the executive director of Peachtree Professional Education, Inc. Since 1994 PPE, Inc. has provided approved CE hours for addiction professionals, licensed mental health professionals, and through the ICBCH it offers hypnotherapy CE hours. 16 Hours of CE credit is awarded for completing this course.

You need more than one strategy! In this course you will learn the tested techniques from hypnosis that help addicts find a new manor of living. You will learn how to help people get clean and sober, avoid relapse, turn around trauma, step into serenity and experience the promises, and manage difficult family situations.

This course will educate you in scope of practice issues, professional ethics, creating treatment plans acceptable to physician led treatment teams, and the skills you need to offer services independently in private practice as a hypnotherapist.

White-label resources. I am also including multiple audio sessions based on hypnotic mindfulness you can give to your clients. These do not have my name or my contact info. They are professionally produced. You can give these to every client you work with as a resource to help them make change, stay sober, and live with purpose.


Guest Lectures by Ziad Sawi, M.D. and ICBCH Trainer, Kevin Cole!

This resource will more than 10x pay for itself with your first new client!

The best part? The solutions are based on real-world research!

We know what methods of hypnosis work best for those with addiction related issues. This course will teach them to you step-by-step. I will provide the journal citations to support both the reality that hypnosis works to keep people sober, and what methods we should be using. You will be able to clearly communicate this knowledge to referral sources, potential clients and the general public. This is the most comprehensive topical class I have created. Nothing will be left without answers. You will see active demonstrations in our online learning center, get full explanations of hypnotic methods and interventions and know when to use what approaches.

Are you ready for new clients? I will also share marketing strategies with you. I will tell you how I have attracted clients in recovery, marketed to treatment centers, and how I have built success helping people in a way few know how to.


Course Contents

** These are the resources I provide to my clients to produce lasting results **

  1. I will give you printable scripts you can adapt
  2. I will give you a variety of interventions for any type of addiction.
  3. I will give you white-label resources you can give to your clients.
  4. I will share with you the strategies I have used to in my practice.