How to do ONLINE HYPNOSIS at the EXPERT Level

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How to do ONLINE HYPNOSIS at the EXPERT Level $97.00

Five Learning Modules, each with video, zoom replays, and resources.

You will learn from Dr. Richard Nongard, who has facilitated online learning and online hypnosis and coaching sessions for more than two decades.

Online services are very different than in person.

Learn the structure, techniques, and business aspects of creating a worldwide market for your services

Know how to be a professional doing hypnosis online with the right tools, the right inductions, the right set of strategies, and the right types of clients!

Your pathway to success in online hypnosis begins with this course

Change Your Life. Change Others. Change the World.

Access all of the replays, tutorials, the handouts, and additional resources right now! This is an instant-access training program.

Course Contents

Each week we will focus on a new key to success in online coaching and professional hypnosis.

This course will provide you with the following skills:

  1. Master the structure of online multi-session programs that clients want to buy. By creating multi-session solutions, you increase your success rate.
  2. Learn the skills unique to facilitating distance hypnosis and coaching: The best online induction, trance ratification, and future pacing methods
  3. Know the tools of technology that will make a huge difference in client outcomes, and the applications that can help you attract new clients.
  4. Learn how to attract the right client for online services. Different clients with different needs thrive online, and others do better in the office. Know how to screen clients, and market directly to those who will do best.
  5. Techniques of online hypnosis that work! This week will also focus on developing techniques you can use during your sessions that are unique to online hypnosis.

All of these learnings will be based on the real-world work I have done in online hypnosis. For 22 years I have been working online, and offering direct care online services for far longer than a decade.

I had to learn the unique ways that working online requires the hard way. I can cut your learning curve so you can both do and sell your services online with greater ease.

This is more than an online course! It is a solution, and you will be able to start building your success immediately by taking this course. Every session has actionable strategies.


It’s simple…

Online hypnosis and coaching is different that in office sessions. When you know the skills for working online you can build a worldwide client base.

  • People are looking for professional hypnotists
    With a lot of positive press, and endorsements from almost every TV talk show, people go to google and look for local hypnotists for everything from weight loss to anxiety control. But online clients are different, and knowing how to impact people online you can create a global reputation for success.
  • Online hypnosis works
    With the right clients, you can create enormous success and client outcomes. For decades we have know that hypnosis recordings, telephone hypnosis, and online sessions work. I will show you the exact strategies I use to increase the success rate.
  • People are willing to pay for hypnosis
    People pay in advance for my online sessions. They complete their forms online. I have almost zero no-shows or late sessions. Working online is wonderful, and I can show you step-by-step solutions for doing it.
  • Hypnosis Benefits You
    When you learn how to hypnotize others, you are also learning how to take control of your own life and how to master your emotions, decisions and options. You are reconciling your own subconscious desire with your conscious actions and the results will be life changing for you.

The best part?

You will have launched your decision to help others with online hypnosis and coaching and I will be here to support your long-term success as you build your business.