Step-by-Step Comprehensive Fear of Flying Hypnosis Training

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The Step-By-Step Series Returns – Complete with video, audio, and printable PDF scripts

Learn to structure fear of flying hypnosis sessions that can bring you new clients, and help people live better lives.

Step-by-Step Comprehensive Fear of Flying Hypnosis Training

Create a niche helping people overcome Fly-O-Phobia Attract both individual and corporate clients

This is far more than a training course. It is a niche market that is quite lucrative, and something I know about first-hand. For years I was afraid to fly. Now I log 100,000+ miles a year flying all over the world. I will show you exactly how I overcame my own paralyzing fear, and how I help clients to do the same. 


Why This Course Is For You?

Fear of Flying stops people from enjoying life.  It keeps people from taking a better job that might require travel, it keeps grandparents and relatives from seeing family, and it keeps people from exploring the world and enjoying a vacation. And people with a fear of flying, often have other fears you can help with. They make ideal motivated self-paying clients.

Are you creating hypnosis programs for this niche? If not, you are missing out on individual clients in your office, Skype clients online and lucrative corporate work. Companies will pay and expert to work with their traveling staff. I will show you how to get these gigs.


This is a multi-part online learning experience. A comprehensive approach to working with clients. I will give you my tried and tested pre-talk ideas, my direct and indirect suggestions, scripts and patter.


Different people have different fears.
For some clients the fears are really irrational and based on media accounts of airplane disasters. Others have fears based on previous traumas and yet for others it is rooted in general anxiety. For some it is a loss of control since someone else is driving. yest for others, it is really a fear of death.

You need more than one strategy!
Fear of flying clients want results. They want to get on a plane and go – and be able to come back! They want to do it comfortably, without having a panic attack or meltdown. I will give you 5 strategies for each of the three sessions. You can mix and match these strategies to your specific client needs.

White-label resources.
I am also including two audio sessions based on hypnotic mindfulness you can give to your clients. These do not have my name or my contact info. They are professionally produced. You can give these to every client you work with as a resource wot help them fly and reinforce the learning you provide in your hypnosis sessions.

Are you ready to do three-session programs that conquer the fear of flying?
I charge my clients $750 for these three sessions. Sometimes I see people in my office and some of my clients I see online. I will show you how to do sessions in person or online that stop the fear of flying.


This resource will  more than 10x pay for itself with your first new client!

The best part? The solutions are based on real-world research!

The strategies in this program are based on real-world research. First, in my own experiences coming to terms with life restricting and paralyzing fear of flying in 2002. Second, I have integrated best practices from the researched methods of helping people with hypnosis overcome a fear of flying, fear of driving, and in finding evidenced-based solutions for anxiety, panic and fear.

Are you ready for new clients? I will also share marketing strategies with you. I will tell you how I have attracted fear of flying clients and how I have gotten companies to pay me to help their employees travel with less stress and anxiety.



Upon completion of all course materials, you will be eligible to ear an ICBCH Certificate of Completion as a Fear of Flying Hypnosis Specialist.





Register to download both the video and the printable script of this 50-minute session


The pathway to success with self hypnosis begins with this course.

Change Your Life. Change Others. Change the World.


That is me in St. Thomas Virgin Islands a few years ago! I want you to join me for this class in our online learning center and I want you to start helping others overcome their fear of flying using the same methods I use.


Course Contents

** These are the resources I provide to my clients to produce lasting results **

  1. I will give you printable scripts you can adapt.
  2. I will give you a variety of interventions for any “cause” of the fear.
  3. I will give you white-label resources you can give to your clients.
  4. I will share with you the strategies I have used to book fear of flying clients in my practice.