Ideas for Innovation: The Milton Erickson Hypnotherapy Seminar

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You will get access to EVERYTHING in our online learning center. Register now, and get worldwide online access 24/7 with all of the resources in this program! 5-Star reviews from those who attended this event at HTL 2018! You get the complete online archives recorded in high-quality video with great sound! It will be just like you attended with us!

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How to get better results and increase referrals by duplicating the success of Milton Erickson, MD

Dr. Richard Nongard literally wrote the book on Ericksonain Hypnosis and you can learn to duplicate the methods and the success of  Milton Erickson, M.D.

This is the online video access for the HTL pre-conference event held at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas this past summer.  You can join me WORLDWIDE in our online learning center 24/7  and learn the methods Dr. Milton Erickson actually wrote about and demonstrated in his books and teachings with this high quality video archive.

I have created a high-quality video of this event, You will be getting the exact same content as those who were able to make it live received!

Includes: 5 Video Modules, PDF Handouts, and notes with Ericksonian language patterns and MUCH more!

5-Star reviews from verified Amazon buyers of the Speak Ericksonian book by Dr. Richard Nongard are the norm. And now, you can learn the actual techniques Milton Erickson utilized to make his hypnosis approach the most widely recognized and one of the most effective therapeutic approaches ever developed.

I want you to see the methods Milton Erickson actually used and teach you step-by-step how you can duplicate the success of great hypnotists! When you see this class in our online learning center with 24/7 worldwide access, you will be learning core foundations and techniques – the methods most medical doctors associate with medical hypnosis – and learning how to produce profound results and generate new referrals from the medical community.

This course will give you confidence and a plan, for every hypnosis session that you do!

Learning Objective: You will learn what and how to teach clients so they can finally break lifelong patterns and achieve healing. By mastering the methods of Milton Erickson you will “Speak Ericksonian” and be able to use the exact same methods he taught for trance utilization, hypnotic phenomena and the language patterns for hypnotic success that separate expert hypnotists from mere technicians of hypnosis.

Are you in?
I would love to meet you in the online learning center, and I know that you will be able to increase your success and generate new referrals with the concepts you will learn in this one-day event!

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ICBCH Certificate of Achievement: You will be able to document your participation in this training with a Certificate of Achievement in Ericksonian Hypnosis when you attend this class.

Location:  You can access worldwide, download the resources and the videos.