Reframing Hypnotherapy: Evidence-Based Techniques for your Next Hypnosis Session

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The most controversial book on hypnotherapy in years. You are going to love the challenges to old ideas – or you are are going to hate those challenges to current thinking. Either way, you will love the practical application and methods on every page of this book.


Reframing Hypnotherapy:
Evidence-Based Techniques for your Next Hypnosis Session

Real-world solutions from Dr. Richard Nongard and Kelley T. Woods

Get the new eBook with strategies and techniques you can use in your next hypnosis session!

Are you looking for a modern approach, based on researched methods?

Free yourself from the constraints of the hypnosis that are based on tradition rather than research and to learn new skills you can use with your clients immediately. This book is about Contextual Hypnotherapy, the evidenced-based approaches you can use to problem solve in clinical hypnosis.

By overviewing the research that behavioral therapists use, specific methods and techniques that are based on hypnotic intervention are outlined and shared. What this means is that the new techniques you learn will be based on research and will have proven outcomes. It also means that when you finish this book you will have the resources and the methods to integrate these new tools into your hypnosis sessions.

This book was originally published as a Contextual Psychology but has been completely revised and updated so that clinical hypnosis professionals can also benefit from the tools of mindfulness, positive psychology, ACT therapy and other modalities that share common roots in trancework and hypnosis. Kelley T. Woods was invited to share her applications specifically with hypnosis clients.

This book will challenge your old ideas, and give you new ways of understanding hypnosis. One example: 

“There is no study that shows one trance to be more effective than another trance – it is only hypnosis training programs selling an idea that makes this claim. Everything that happens “in” hypnosis happens “out” of hypnosis. This includes ALL hypnotic phenomena. It is the experience of hypnosis that is far more important than the depth of hypnosis, and depth itself doesn’t even exist, it is merely a metaphor and construct that helps us define the experience, but it is not itself the experience of hypnosis.”

Dr. Richard K. Nongard is a thought leader in hypnotherapy and the author of numerous books that have helped professional hypnotists worldwide. He is the Executive Director of Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute in Las Vegas. He is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with accredited degrees in both counseling and transformational leadership.

Kelley T. Woods is a hypnotherapist in Anacortes, Washington. She is the author of numerous books on clinical hypnotherapy and mindfulness. She is an ICBCH board member and an instructor at H.P.T.I.

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