Experiential Inductions: Creative Ways to Lead People into Hypnosis


5 training modules designed to take your inductions to the expert level and give you new ways of explaining and using hypnosis to potential clients.
Do you want to master inductions that are truly unique in your live session or even in your hypnosis recordings? 
with hypnosis thought leader Dr. Richard Nongard

Experiential Inductions:
Creative Ways to Lead People into Hypnosis

** Overcome Boring Inductions with Experiential and Creative Inductions that Work**


Use these inductions and the scripts I provide in your live hypnosis sessions or even in your own recordings!

Hypnotic induction is not something we hurry through to get to the good stuff. If you we induction correctly, it becomes the good stuff and can be transformational in and of itself!


In this 5-part online learning resource you are going to see each of these inductions demonstrated and you will be able to duplicate my success. These are inductions I have not previously published, but they are inductions I use in my office with clients – and the results have been phenomenal. You can use these techniques with your clients – or even in self-hypnosis!

Are you ready to move to an expert level of hypnotic induction? This course will guide you to that level!

In the first session I will share how a strategy of Milton Erickson, “The Middle of Nowhere” technique can become a powerful hypnotic induction. I am also going to share with you some incredible convincers and ways to explain hypnosis so that you can expand your repertoire of convincers beyond just an eye-lock or the overused fingers drawn together experiment. From there we will go into a variety of experiential inductions – including a new induction I have created called “The 32 doors” – and I will give you a full script of this incredible session!

When you access this course, you will unlock all of the resources in this series and you will discover new ways to induce trance and explain hypnosis that are creative, interesting and powerful

Imagine being able to use multiple inductions with clients, keeping them from being bored with your approach, and also teaching them new things.

You will be able to match the right induction to the best approach for your client, and every session you do will come from a place of confidence.


You will get full access to all of these course components:

  • 5 training videos that you can download. Each packed with demonstrations, explanations, and resources for your success.
  • Printable notes of the video modules, so you have both a textbook and script collection that comes right from the materials.
  • The audio download of my Contextual-Skill Building Induction that you can use for self-hypnosis and to master multiple techniques that train clients in real world skills.

The course contents will include:

  • Ericksonian approaches to hypnotic induction
  • Multi-sensorial explanations of hypnosis that engage people in the process and are far better than the traditional 3-4 convincers that we have simply borrowed from stage hypnosis.
  • Induction based on higher consciousness and self-awareness
  • Skill-building induction strategies
  • Convincers that you can use in public demonstrations or your website that will unlock for potential clients a desire to learn more and book sessions.

Get INSTANT access right now!

I know you are excited to attend this class and access the resources.

The course will change your approach, teach you new skills and give you confidence.

All materials are downloadable and can also be accessed 24/7 worldwide from any device.

Dr. Richard Nongard: Today’s thought leader in hypnosis!


This experience was created by Dr. Richard Nongard, the thought leader in professional hypnosis.  Dr. Nongard is a clinical hypnotherapist in private practice, who has trained 1000’s of other hypnotists worldwide in the advanced techniques of clinical hypnosis. He is the author of numerous hypnosis textbooks and professional training resources.