The question is: “How do I use headphones & microphone in hypnosis so my client can listen to background music and hear my voice at the same time?” Before I answer this question, let me tell you, it is entirely possible to do highly effective sessions without such a sound setup. Microphones, music, and fancy gadgets are not required to do effective hypnosis. But once you do start using a sound system in hypnosis, you will never go back to the old way, and the reason is simple: It just makes hypnosis session better.

It makes a session better, because after seeing 5-7 clients in a day, there is no strain on my voice. It makes the work easier. From a client perspective, it makes the session better for two primary reasons:

It creates ritual and specialness. By using headphones and music you are creating a clear starting point for “when the hypnosis happens.” This is ritual. And by using headphones, you create specialness and set yourself apart from others.
It creates a multisensorial experience. By using music and headphones, it sounds as if you are speaking directly into their head. This increases the auditory experience, and we know that hypnosis that is multisensorial is hypnosis likely to tap into the resource states our clients want to achieve.
There are two videos below that explain exactly how I have used two different sound systems. The first system uses a set-up any Guitar Center or other music store can put together for you. Just go to the store and tell the audio guy exactly what you are trying to create. They can sell you an inexpensive system, a mid priced system, or an expensive system like the gear I have. You can build a great system for $150-500.

The second video shows how I have used a Karaoke machine to accomplish the same thing. Inexpensive Karaoke machines can be purchased for less than $100, or you can go to a pro version like I have for about $600.