Do you want new people to know about your services, so that you can attract clients from the Internet? Almost every therapist I know dreams of a high ranking webpage, with lots of visitors, and visitors that make the call and book an appointment.

The first step of course, is to build a brilliant webpage, one that is mobile responsive and looks professional. But after the page is built, you therapy websiteneed to be telling the search engines (google, Bing, Yahoo, Etc.) That you have fresh content.  In other words, that your site is updated and provides content. Google does not simply show people ‘electronic brochures” it want to match search queries with content.

The answer really is simple. Write a weekly blog post, like this one! You can add pictures, video or other media (I post a lot of video blogs).

So here are the steps to writing a weekly blog:

  • Pick a topic, and write about things that your clients are searching for. For example if you do couples counseling, write about infidelity. If you do hypnotherapy, write about stopping unwanted behaviors. Don’t worry about which topic is most important – since you will be writing each week (52 times a year) you will eventually cover a lot of different topics.  The most important thing is to begin writing.  So pick a top and write you first blog.
  • Define your keyword. What is it that people are searching for? “Stop smoking hypnosis” is just too broad. People are looking in a specific geographic are, and so a keyword might be:  “Anycity stop smoking hypnosis.”
  • You want at least 400 words of content. That really is not too much, especially since you should not just write an ad for your services but give specific solutions. So if you were writing a blog called, “Any City Counseling:  6 easy steps to becoming a non-smoker” You would want to write 50-100 words that spelled out the problem, and offers a solution.
  • You would then list the steps to solving the problem, and a short descriptor of possible solutions. You don’t even need to offer all of these services. Some can be self-help, some can be services others provide and of course the last couple points should be services you offer.
  • Write a summary, offering your good wishes for those who benefit, but inviting readers who want more information or to schedule an appointment to call you.
  • At the end of the blog write a “call to action”. Ask them to email you or call you and provide a form or your phone number.

This blog was about 500 words. I wrote it in less than 30 minutes. If you blog each week, you create a website rich in content, you add new keywords and topics, and you make a webpage that search engines will want to rank highly.

I build webpages for other therapists. If you need a webpage that looks great, visit me at: