Therapeutic Closing Techniques



Therapeutic Closing Techniques


Do you want more money, more clients, and end the problem of clients who don’t have lasting results?

In 1983 I was taught a single strategy that has guided both my clinical and business success for 38 years. I am going to guide you through the step-by-step methods of therapeutic closing techniques when you register for this online class.

Do you have visitors to your website, but they don’t call you? Do you have clients who call and ask questions but then don’t book a session?


The answer is therapeutic closing. If this is not a part of your website, your inquiry calls, and your social media, then you are leaving money on the table and your clients might not be getting the best results possible.

You become a hypnotist because you want to help others. Your first opportunity to help them is to have them book a session. But what I am teaching goes far beyond the initial call with a client.

It also answers the question of what to do if clients don’t act on post-hypnotic suggestion. What if they relapse or don’t follow through? It shares a way to create better client outcomes in every hypnosis session.

Our clients come to you to trade-in misery for a solution. If you don’t know how to get them to ‘buy’ that solution, your results will be mediocre at best.

This course will teach you how to ‘sell’ solutions in the form of influential hypnotic suggestion. 

The result? Clients who take action following each one of your hypnosis sessions.

Do you want to learn the closing techniques I learned early on that are never taught in clinical training programs? You can apply each one of them to the business side of your practice and fill more sessions. And you can apply them to the actual therapeutic work that you do and smash your previous record of success with:

  • New confidence
  • Better outcomes
  • Clients who leave 5-star reviews!


Inside My Therapeutic Closing Class You Will Learn:


The exact methods I use to turn inquiries into booked sessions. I’m even going to give you my written scripts! 

  • Weekly Video Tutorials Preceding Each Class. This give you the theory we can practice together in class.
  • Printable scripts. Download these and use them when you have a call or even in your client sessions!
  • The Influence Rubric. These evidenced-based techniques can up your influence and help you control outcomes in almost every area of life!
  • Pursuasion-Based Language Patterns. This is an essential list of hypnotic language patterns designed to help you sell services, and sell clients on the changes they need to make.

Complete access to 13 learning modules and the Zoom replays from our live class that were previously recorded.


About Your Teacher

Dr. Richard K. Nongard




I started out in 1983 with my first “real” job. I sold cars at Honda. Although I quickly moved on to finish college and grad school, the lessons I learned in closing the deal are lessons I have carried with me throughout life.

In therapy school, most of us were not taught any business, and certainly no sales closing techniques. But these skills are essential for anyone in private practice who wants to fill their schedule. But I discovered something even more valuable when I learned sales closing.  I learned a strategy to help other people. It has become a way to help clients “trade-in” their misery and “buy” the lasting solutions we offer.

Without closing the deal, we overlook the opportunity to help clients step into life-long change. I want to help you discover the same results I have over my career as an effective therapist, coach, and hypnotist.  Join the class.