SuccessFit: The Six-Session Weight Loss Protocol





Learn the Foolproof Method to Help Overweight Clients Lose Weight with Hypnosis

(And the Self- Hypnosis Methods You Can Use to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals First!)

SuccessFit: The Six-Session Weight Loss Protocol
That Helps Clients Drop Pounds!



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Discover how you can structure six-session weight loss programs with hypnosis without being married to one technique, and how you can create results that empower clients, and yourself, to reach your weight loss goals in 2024!

A lot of people gained “COVID pounds,” and now it’s time to build your business, helping them to get rid of them. Don’t miss the typical New Year’s resolution seekers who want you to help them lose weight successfully!

The SuccessFit Approach is based on the reality that hypnosis is simply one of the best tools for lasting behavioral and emotional change and that behavioral and emotional change is exactly what weight loss clients need.

There is no “best method” for all clients. The fact is, each body, each set of food consumption behaviors, and everyone’s daily activity is different. In this program, you are going to learn how I approach weight loss with my clients and learn the techniques I have been using with my clients for decades.

Do these ideas work? I packed on the COVID pounds like many others, tipping the scales at 250 earlier this year. Today I am down to 191 and look and feel better than I have in years, all because I started doing the same things I told my clients to do.

I have worked with countless weight loss clients going back to my early career in the 1980’s with Nutrisystem, and later at the William D. Rader Eating Disorder Treatment Institute in Texas. I have carved out a niche for obese clients, and I developed a six-session framework early on in my career as a hypnotist, and the framework is adaptable to any type of client, even those who have been unable to lose weight in any other way. I want to share these ideas with you!

The SuccessFit Approach is not beholden to any one idea but rather a set of hypnotic methods you can use in creative ways with clients or even with yourself in self-hypnosis. The approach is not based on any single “diet” but rather on what the science tells us about how weight is gained, how weight is lost, and how weight can be kept off.

Learn What I Actually Do With My Clients in Hypnosis

In this is the High-Quality Replay of our Accelerated Learning Class you will Learn:

  • How a six-session structure makes hypnotic weight loss doable for virtually every client so that you have new clients committed at the outset.
  • Why in our first session, we take nothing away from a client and actually add to their food choices!
  • How to structure each of the six sessions for maximum impact, even if your client needs to lose a lot of weight.
  • How to shift approaches with a client who plateaus or gains weight between sessions to have total flexibility and client compliance.
  • How ideas like a “mental” gastric band emulation can either help or hinder your clients, and how and when such an approach should and should not be used.
  • That the missing ingredient in most weight loss approaches is the emotional aspects of eating and how to address them fully in every one of the six sessions.
  • You are going to learn how the pre-talk can make or break your success
  • You will finish this three-hour class with a serious plan for helping people with New Year goals!
  • You are going to get an ICBCH Certificate of Completion for this class and three hours of CE Credit.


I will give everyone who attends a set of scripts you can adapt to your clients and even use in self-hypnosis to get the same results I have gotten in the past year.

You will also get access to all of the replays, of our previously recorded class. Watch 24/7 on your own schedule and get access to everything!

Dr. Richard Nongard