E.F.T. Emotional Freedom Techniques Certification Course

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“The way this course teaches the Emotional Freedom Techniques will change your life for the better! Do this 5-minute technique  with your self-hypnosis and accelerate your results.” -Dr. Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotist.


Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT Certification

This is the starting point for mastering E.F.T., and getting all of the benefits, is this course.  When you complete this course, you will be able to find freedom in your own life, and help other people make their life better. E.F.T. is the 5-minute strategy that makes self-hypnosis more powerful.

Do you want to create powerful transformation with clients?
Do you want to learn techniques that can make your own life even better?

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eBook Tapping Out of Emotional Pain

This eBook by John Soriano is your resource guide to understating the basics of the Emotional Freedom Techniques. It provides an overview of the history and development of E.F.T. along with specific applications and ways to do E.F.T. for self-care. Professionals will find that the basic strategies in this eBook can be applied in the context of coaching, professional hypnosis, and therapy.

Twelve Instructional Videos

Imagine getting instruction from two masters of the E.F.T. approach in an easily understandable way. You have probably heard of the benefits of E.F.T. but were not sure how it related to hypnosis, life coaching, NLP and therapy. These videos not only answer questions but actually guide you through a basic process so that you can experience the Emotional Freedom Techniques right as you watch the videos. The techniques include multiple practice sessions to help you apply and learn the techniques so that you can help other people.

Highlights of this series:

  • Video One: A Foundation in E.F.T.
  • Video Two:  Your Own Tapping Experience
  • Video Three:  Tapping Points and Theory
  • Video Four: Set-Up Statements, Specificity and E.F.T.
  • Video Five:  Borrowing Benefits
  • Video Six:  Telling the Story Techniques
  • Video Seven:  The Movie Techniques
  • Video Eight: The Personal Peace Procedure
  • Video Nine: E.F.T. for Pain Control
  • Video Ten: E.F.T. for Anxiety
  • Video Eleven: Applications and Questions
  • Video Twelve: Integration into Classical Hypnotherapy Demonstration

Imagine having the confidence to use the Emotional Freedom technique and how it can transform and expand your hypnosis practice.

The ICBCH E.F.T. Tapping Chart

So many online charts miss the essential tapping points and fail to show exactly where the greatest impact can be created. This chart is based on classic acupressure points from Chinese medicine, and are the same ones John Soriano uses in his practice. The PDF is printable, and can be a resource for your own applications of E.F.T. or for your work with clients.

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John Soriano, M.S. is a co-author of “EFT for Everyone” the new book with a foreword by Jack Canfield. He is an internationally known E.F.T. expert. He works with adults and kids, and often uses E.F.T. to help reduce test-taking anxiety. In private practice, he works with people worldwide to achieve their dreams using the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Dr. Richard Nongard, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Professional Hypnotist. He is the executive director of the ICBCH and is known worldwide as an expert in psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis.

This program is offered by the ICBCH and SubliminalScience.com and is not endorsed or affiliated with any other E.F.T. Emotional Freedom Techniques Training program. 6 CE Hours be available to professionals who need continuing education hours by completing the exam.