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Learn How to Do GROUPNOSIS and
Help Multiple Clients at The Same Time.

Master the Art of Group Induction, Creating Panoramic Suggestions, and Helping 2-2000 People Online or In-Person with Expert Level Hypnosis.


You will be able to set up group hypnosis sessions,
both online and offline, that help a lot of
people while making you more money.

By learning to use Dr. Richard Nongard’s Panoramic Suggestion Strategy for Group Hypnosis, You will have confidence to schedule your next big event, and even increase your “stick rate” and help clients overcome almost anything!

Heck, you may even discover how by mastering the art of the group, you master a new set of skills you can apply in every hypnosis session!

This class will teach you how to do:

  • Group Stop Smoking Programs
  • Group Weight Loss Programs
  • Group Stress Management Programs
  • Corporate Goal Setting Hypnosis Programs

…And every kind of group hypnosis program that people want to pay you to attend!

In fact, here’s just a sample of what you can expect in this instant access online class:

  • Full access to the entire replay of our previous event!
  • The Panoramic Suggestion Strategy is a life-changing set of skills you can apply in any hypnosis session! You will get a complete set of printable scripts, resources, and planning worksheets…
  • In the end, you will know precisely how to conduct a group hypnosis session from start to finish with two people or 2000!
  • I am going to reveal how I packed hotel conference rooms with smoking cessation groups and how I have filled online group sessions with hundreds of participants…
  • Every hypnotist should be able to do group demonstrations, and group sessions, and help more people… By attending this class you will know EXACTLY how to do it!

… and much, MUCH More!

Don’t miss this online class teaching you how you can walk into any room (or virtual room) and know that you have something that everyone will respond to!


Full Access to the Full Three-Hour Recorded Class!




You didn’t miss anything! Although this course was previously recorded, you get full access to all the learning materials and training our live participants had access to! Enjoy the experience 24/7 on your own schedule!





The best part? Everything you learn to apply to your sessions you can use in your self-hypnosis practice so that you gain results in your own life! Are you trying to lose weight? End anxiety? Defeat procrastination? Overcome difficult times?
These strategies work for you as much as they work to help clients!