11 Solutions to Highly Difficult Clients [Downloadable eBook PDF]

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This is the therapists resource for handling difficult clients. 
Do you want to end denial, resistance, and difficulty in therapy?
One of the first books written by Dr. Nongard in 1997
Now re-released as an instantly available downloadable eBook.

11 Solutions to Highly Difficult Clients:
Effective Counseling Solutions
A guide for therapists in ending resistance, denial and difficulty

Download the eBook now and know how to handle your most difficult clients today!


This amazing classic, that has helped therapists worldwide, has now been released as an eBook!

This book has been a classic among mental health professionals, and everything contained in this book should be made available to professional hypnotherapists too! Get your copy today and discover an easier way to dealing with difficult clients!


Thousands of therapists worldwide have used the techniques in this book.
You may even find the solution to other difficult people in your life, like coworkers, spouses and friends and family members!

Why are clients difficult? Even though it feels like it sometimes, it is not so that you have a bad day or so that you have to suffer too. When clients are difficult they are telling you what they need, but with behaviors rather than words. This is your guide to deciphering these messages.

11 Time Tested Solutions. The interventions in this book are based on real world counseling clients, and are methods that actually work. Written to help therapists implement practical solutions that use strengths to compensate for deficits, motivate the unmotivated, and feed clients the right tools, you will find every solution in this book is easy to implement and have profound results.

112 pages of Original Content. This classic book, released in paperback in 1998 is now available for the first time to clinical hypnotherapists and as an instantly downloadable eBook.

BONUS chapter: There is even a twelfth chapter, a bonus solution helping you understand how to create targeted interventions based on unique client need.


Excerpt from this book

Highly difficult clients are often caught in the familiarity trap,
paralyzed by emotions and believe they have no options to exercise.
These feelings and beliefs lead to the three “I”s. When people lack
motivation, they may believe that their situation is Intolerable,
Inescapable and Interminable. Finding keys to motivate the highly
difficult client is essential.

People are motivated by one of two things: pleasure or the
avoidance of pain.

It’s interesting that when I ask people what motivates them
more, they will usually say it’s the pursuit or experience of pleasure.
In reality, however, most people are motivated by the avoidance of

This is one of the first books written by Dr. Richard Nongard in 1998. He is the thought leader in professional hypnosis and this timeless classic was written for therapists doing psychotherapy and counseling. Dr. Nongard is a clinical hypnotherapist in private practice, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has trained 1000’s of other hypnotists and counselors worldwide in the advanced techniques of clinical hypnosis.