HTL: Hypnosis for Better Grades and Higher Test Scores

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Learn the 6 Methods of Improving Test Scores, Grades and Peak Academic Performance.
These are strategies that work with adults and kids! They work for school, entrance exams, vocational exams, certification exams and improving memory and performance.
Seize your opportunity to build a thriving practice in any town of any size. There are almost unlimited opportunities hypnotizing students!


Working with kids and adult learners:
6 Methods of Hypnosis for Memory, Recall, Test Taking and Getting Better Grades

Real-world solutions from Dr. Richard Nongard (filmed at HTL 2018)

Think your town is too small to build a thriving private practice?

There are students and adult learners in every city wanting hypnosis!

I built my practice by using hypnosis to calm anxiety, improve memory and recall and helping both students and adult learners reach their highest levels of performance with hypnosis. In this presentation, I share the techniques I really use.

Learn How You Can Tap Into This Thriving Market Doing Exactly What I Have Done!

This class was filmed in Las Vegas at HTL 2018. Those who attended it rated it among the most practical they attended. They said it gave them now ideas, uncovered the real opportunity for building a practice and a set of directions to follow to activate success with both student and adult learners.

You will learn the six key elements of creating your own hypnosis sessions with people who want to do better on tests and better in school. These are real-world ideas, and I overview each of them in the 90+ minute training. You can’t go wrong getting this course. Those who attended the live class loved it and you will too!

There are PDF notes for this class, and I will give you my script for academic performance which you can print and adapt to your own client needs. 

Are you in? Do you want these ideas? Do you want to learn how to create instant calm before an exam, or help everyone from life insurance agents to nurses pass board and certification exams? Do you want to help students get better grades and create laser-like focus in any class?

Dr. Richard K. Nongard is a thought leader in hypnotherapy and the author of numerous books that have helped professional hypnotists worldwide. He is the Executive Director of Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute in Las Vegas. He is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with accredited degrees in both counseling and transformational leadership.

This course will change your outlook. Most hypnotists know smoking cessation and weight loss are great markets. But smokers are a declining population, and students will be with us until the end of time.

This is the full presentation from HTL 2018. 

Hypnosis for Better Grades and Higher Test Scores

Start Your Success in Academic Performance Right Now!