Inductions & Deepeners for Effective Hypnosis – 14 Printable Scripts

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Do you feel stuck, using the same induction over and over? Or the same ‘deepener’?  Do you want effective inductions for children and adults? Get this ebook now and you will have a tool for just about every type of client. Printable ebook format. Take these scripts into sessions with you and always have the resources at your fingertips. $8.99 is a special offer available right now!

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Dr. Richard Nongard’s INDUCTIONS & DEEPENERS:
Styles and Approaches for Effective Hypnosis
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Everything you need to know to make induction into trance deep and easy!

What if you had an induction for every type of client, in one easy to find resource? I bet that would really help you build confidence with both adults and children in hypnosis. Packed with detailed explanations of script examples – from actual live sessions – demonstrating inductions and deepeners that Hypnosis Induction Scriptproduce powerful hypnotic phenomena and trance, for use with both adults and children. 14 hypnosis induction script resources. Increasing your success, increases both your confidence and your referrals!

  • Hypnotic language – what words to use and avoid for success
  • How to combine inductions and deepeners for greater efficacy
  • Choosing approaches, developing style and building confidence
  • Why and how to use Rapid Inductions
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Milton Erickson Style Confusion with Arm Levitation
  • Reverse Arm-Levitation
  • Awareness Induction
  • Visual Imagery
  • Classic Directive Induction
  • Teddy Bear Induction (Child Induction)
  • Coin Induction (Child Induction)
  • Zarren Marble Style Induction
  • Classic Dave Elman Style with Amnesia
  • Fractionation with and without Conversation
  • Staircase Deepener
  • Candelabrum Deepener
  • BONUS!  Backwards Hypnosis Demonstration
    – eyes open for a “higher” level of trance experience and Much More!


14 Printable Hypnosis Induction Script Resources

The right hypnosis induction and the right deepener are really important. A one-size-fits-all induction really does not exist. You need multiple strategies for effective hypnosis and this book shares with you 14 hypnosis inductions and/or deepening techniques.   Not many hypnosis books focus on hypnosis inductions with a child, but this book has two fabulous hypnosis induction scripts for use with a child. This book is a reference you will refer to time after time as a professional hypnotist.