(eBook) Magic Words: The Sourcebook of Hypnosis Patter and Scripts and How to Overcome Hypnotic Difficulties

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by Dr. Richard K. Nongard

Have you ever fumbled for the right words in a difficult or unique situation during hypnotherapy?

Wouldn’t it be priceless to have a resource that provided you with scripts and patter to solve many problems and unexpected events during hypnosis?

Do you know what to say when a client starts laughing or when a jackhammer starts banging on a nearby street?

Do you know what to say if a client bursts into tears or even becomes irritated claiming they are not hypnotized?

Do you know how to prove to your client they were hypnotized?

Knowing the magic words contained in this sourcebook will give you the ability to remain in control and have confidence, even during difficult hypnosis sessions.

Knowing the magic words to use will help you turn any difficulty into an opportunity to really help clients, rather than give up in despair and these patter scripts will make you a better hypnotist. But this book goes beyond just a few scripts of patter. This book will actually teach you how to structure hypnosis suggestions, compounding them and making them effective.

You will learn strategies for:

  • Using both direct and indirect suggestion
  • Turning disaster into opportunity
  • Managing abreaction and intense emotions during session
  • How to deliver suggestions without sounding like a psychic or a fortune cookie
  • How to structure effective post-hypnotic suggestions
  • How introduce stories, scripts and other tools into your sessions

This is not a script book that gives you start to finish “scriptnosis” scripts to read, but rather teaches you the useful patter to incorporate into your own hypnotherapy sessions.    Here are some of the many topics included:


  • When meeting a new client who has never been hypnotized
  • When meeting a new client who has been previously hypnotized by someone else
  • When the client is anxious
  • When a client has doubts
  • Words that normalize hypnosis
  • Words that define hypnosis for clients
  • To get paid
  • When questioned about high fees
  • Do you have a guarantee?
  • When a client is sleepy
  • When a client is emotional
  • When a client is unfocused
  • When a client’s mind is wandering
  • When a client is not prepared to pay today
  • When there is background noise
  • How to mollify potential interruptions
  • When time is short
  • When clients swallow, scratch, itch or fidget during induction
  • What if a client says he/she is more comfortable in a position you do not usually work in with clients
  • To put clients into hypnotic posture
  • What if a client’s legs or arms are crossed
  • When clients laugh during induction
  • What if a client says, “I just can’t do this”
  • What if a cell phone rings during the session
  • When clients begin sneezing during induction
  • To help clients who struggle with letting go
  • When clients do not close their eyes
  • When clients do not follow initial suggestions in preparation and induction
  • If a client “twitches” or has a muscle spasm
  • To avoid clients falling asleep
  • To help clients feel safe
  • To let clients know they are in control
  • To establish your role
  • Words to reverse role
  • To deepen trance
  • When clients won’t go into deep trance
  • What if clients says they aren’t hypnotized
  • To create hypnotic experience
  • To create comfort
  • To help clients have self-realization that they are going into hypnosis
  • To manifest initial hypnotic phenomena
  • To give clients a self-directed exit
  • To create expectancy for two-way communication in induction
  • To decrease resistance at any time in the process
  • To create a faked alternative
  • To change your plan or style to a new one
  • To count to the deepest level of trance
  • To introduce a written script
  • To set up a story, parable or metaphor
  • To deepen trance mid-session
  • To keep client awake during mid-session
  • To deal with tears
  • To deal with intense unpleasant emotion
  • To validate progress
  • To give client ownership of suggestions
  • To read from a script
  • To alter styles to direct suggestion
  • To compound suggestions
  • To avoid sounding like a psychic or fortune cookie
  • To have client take action in hypnosis
  • To give universal re-inforcers
  • How to give a post hypnotic suggestion
  • How to create transition from deep trance to end of session
  • To tap into unconscious resources
  • To make sure the client is stable following a session
  • To schedule the next visit

Dr. Richard Nongard, LMFT/CCH is known worldwide for his contributions to clinical hypnosis. He is a skilled educator and a sought after conference speaker. His other books are among the most popular books on hypnosis. He is the author if “Inductions and Deepeners: Strategies for Effective Hypnosis” and “Medical Meditation.” He continues to see clients on a daily basis at his Oklahoma office and his insights come from real world experience as a practicing hypnotherapist.