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Let’s be honest: When you drive to work in your 8-year old Chevy and see clients all day who are half your age and have half the education you do, and they come to their sessions in a new Lexus, it can be frustrating. This book tells you how you can develop a business mindset and be a compassionate hypnotist!

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Richard Nongard’s Crash Course on Becoming a Profitable Therapist!

A 70-page Step-by-Step Guidebook

Instant .pdf e-book. Download NOW, and start implementing these ideas TODAY!

Innovative ideas to create a successful private practice – financial constraints and the desire to remain a compassionate hypnotherapist.

From finding office space, to networking for community referrals, to advertising and marketing strategies, and collecting non-insurance payments – this step-by-step set covers all this information and more!

A Truly Fantastic Professional Practice Self-Help Resource

Minimize Your Risk by Learning from Richard’s Mistakes, and Successes!

We went to hypnosis and healing arts school – not business school.
As a result, many professionals become exasperated by their lack of success in developing a professional practice.

  • Are you tired of having advanced credentials, and yet still struggling financially?
  • Are you frustrated by the lack of response to your marketing?
  • Have you been looking for a useful step-by-step guide to building a successful private practice?


Dr. Richard K. Nongard has built not only successful private practice and seminar businesses, but has managed, owned and succeeded in several other business ventures as well.

Over the years, many professionals have attended his workshops not only to seek clinical answers, but also to learn his approach to building a private practice and developing a consulting business.

Well, the “secrets” are out – and you can have them!
Richard has finally produced a detailed guidebook that contains practical and specific information such as:

  • How to become too busy on an advertising budget of only $100 a month!
  • How to ethically profit as a therapist from the Internet.
  • Learn what books and resources Richard has found that have helped him be successful in his business.
  • How to forget about insurance billing and enjoy life again!
  • Actually get paid for the work you do, and accept credit cards!
  • Real solutions to keep you from learning the hard way!
  • How to think like a business manager, but retain clinical compassion.
  • No “political correctness” or sandbagging on answers – just the truth to help you achieve.

An excerpt from the INTRODUCTION:

I was frustrated because I meet over 5000 professionals a year (most of them depressed) and many of them plead with me to give them ideas that can help their practice grow or to achieve a level of success they believe I have attained.  However, when I follow-up with them a few months or even years down the road, they have almost always failed to implement my ideas, and they continue to be frustrated by disappointments in their professional success.

I hate seeing people fail. Succeeding in business really isn’t rocket science.  I have succeeded in the worlds of therapy, hypnotherapy, educational seminars and publishing, and have undertaken business ventures not even remotely related to therapy, usually with great success.

I am convinced that when people fail at business, it is usually because they have failed to think like a business person.  Therapists often simply fail to implement common sense ideas. They tend to focus on how a professional therapist should represent themselves or relate to their clients, rather than on how a business person (in any industry) should run a business.

In this workbook I will assault some of the faulty assumptions that I believe lead to business failure, and I will (in very plain language) give you my ideas on how I would do things to promote a successful business venture.  I feel passionate about these ideas.  They have worked for me and I want to share them with you.

Are you tired of having a masters degree or advanced certifications, yet continually achieving very little? I will now tell you the same thing that I tell my clients in therapy when I give them an assignment:  If you don’t do the things I am laying out for you in black and white, nothing will happen.  Change only occurs with action.

Enjoy these ideas.  Incorporate these ideas.  And when your business is a success,  know that your clients will also benefit.  Good Luck!


Richard K. Nongard