Contextual Psychology: Integrating Mindfulness-Based Approaches into Effective Therapy (eBook)


Would you like to find an alternative to “regress-to-cause”?  Are you looking for hypnotic methods based in meditation traditions, self-hypnosis, and clinically are proven? An approach backed by the research into what actually works? Get instant access to the complete eBook right now for far less than the paperback Amazon version.


Integrating Mindfulness-Based Approaches into Effective Therapy

Learn the techniques that are a proven alternative to “regress-to-cause” approaches and get the scripts to guide you.

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Would you like to find an alternative to “regress-to-cause”?  Are you looking for hypnotic methods based in meditation traditions, self-hypnosis, and clinically proven? An approach backed by the research into who actually works?  (And the book has real academic citations).

How would you like to have concrete examples and methods for actually integrating new approaches into hypnotic methods? By reading this book you will have step-by-step strategies for creating lifelong change.

Imagine having a set of resources, skills, and scripts for various processes that can guide even the most difficult clients into recovery. This book goes far beyond hypnosis and delves into what has been called “Third-Wave Behavioral Therapy”.

How would that re-energize your therapeutic work?

Those resources are what this book provides. Written by a practicing therapist, it is a clear and concise explanation of evidenced-based protocols and how to utilize them with real clients in real therapy. The word “hypnosis” is rarely mentioned – but all of these techniques and ideas are perfect in hypnotherapy and conversational hypnosis.

This books will show you how Mindfulness based psychologies can be practically implemented in a life changing way.  It will move you from Past-Tense Therapy (like regression) to an approach based on the Present – which is a gift to both you and your clients.

This book includes:

  • Bibliography and citation
  • Scripts for Hypnotherapists
  • Strategies for problem-solving
  • A primer on Positive Psychology, ACT Therapy, MBSR, Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy and more!


  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: What is Contextual Psychology?
  • Chapter Two: Relational Frame Theory
  • Chapter Three: Challenging the Idea of Past-Tense Therapy
  • Chapter Four: Mindfulness as a Success Foundation
  • Chapter Five: ACT Therapy Solutions
  • Chapter Six: Positive Psychology
  • Chapter Seven: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
  • Chapter Eight: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Other Mindfulness-Based Therapies
  • Chapter Nine: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Chapter Ten: DBT Skills Training
  • Chapter Eleven: Metaphor and Story
  • Chapter Twelve: Case Application and the Structure of Therapy

Although designed as a both a primer and practical guidebook, the book cites studies and sources from peer-reviewed literature to support the integration of these techniques into a variety of therapeutic contexts.

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Dr. Richard Nongard is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master’s degree in Counseling. He holds a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership from Bakke Graduate University, and has experience in both ministry and counseling. He is a popular keynote and conference speaker, and the author of many books designed to help clinicians of all backgrounds do effective counseling.