HypnosisWorld - 100 Hour Professional Hypnosis Certification

HypnosisWorld Module 1

Comprehensive training focusing on the skills of helping other people with hypnosis

This module is the foundation for the rest of our hypnosis training program and covers important aspects of both learning and experiencing hypnosis. It is designed so that before our live hypnosis sessions, you have a clear understanding of the basic experience.
This module is self-paced, and if possible, we encourage you to complete this before our live training begins.

All Resources Can Be Accessed Below:

Download the Textbooks for This Class

Keys to The Mind

Reframing Hypnotherapy

State Law Guide

Step One:

To Do This Week:
• Read the State Law Guide, paying attention to your state regulations.
• Listen to the Ultimate Hypnosis Session recording daily for 7 days.
• Watch all required video modules
• Read the first 94 pages of Keys to the Mind
• Post questions in our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/289908704359719

Required readings include:
Keys to The Mind, Chapter 1: What is hypnosis?
Keys to The Mind, Chapter 2: The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Hypnosis
Keys to the Mind, Chapter 3: The Mechanics of the Hypnotic Process
ICBCH State Law Guide

At the conclusion of this module you will have not only experienced at least two pre-recorded hypnosis session but will also be able to:
• Access the resource state we call hypnosis through experiencing the audio download called “The Ultimate Hypnosis Session” with Dr. Richard Nongard
• You will be able to understand the key approaches to hypnosis that are currently used.
• You will understand the basic processes in a hypnosis session.
• You will begin learning your first hypnosis induction, the Panoramic Skill-Building Induction
• You will learn why confidence and the “it” factor are keys to hypnotizing others

Experience: Ultimate Hypnosis Session


Experiencing Hypnosis

Conscious vs. Subconscious

5 Step Hypnotic Process

What Hypnosis Feels Like

Hypnotic Phenomena

IT Factor

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Congratulations on joining HypnosisWorld. Your journey to becoming a professional hypnotist begins right here!

Click on each module for the course content. Complete one module before progressing to the next. We expect that each module will require about one weekend worth of time. 

I am always amazed when I get calls asking if hypnosis can help adults who cannot focus, get things done, and stick to a plan. I get the same calls asking about children. HYPNOSIS is perhaps, the best pathway to increase attention, improve focus, and help manage impulses. Hypnosis literally rewires our responses, and the approach I have used for decades is the same approach I have used in my own life, with my clients, and what the research shows actually works.

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