HypnosisWorld - 100 Hour Professional Hypnosis Certification

HypnosisWorld Module 2

Comprehensive training focusing on the skills of helping other people with hypnosis

This module builds on the foundation of knowledge you have created and is also self-paced. This module begins to teach the processes in greater depth, and each section will build on previous sections.

All Resources Can Be Accessed Below:

Download the Textbooks for This Class

Keys to The Mind

Reframing Hypnotherapy

State Law Guide

Complete the Following

To Do This Week:
• Listen to the Turning Stress into joy hypnosis recording
• Read chapters 4 and 5 in the textbook Keys to the Mind
• View the required video modules

Required readings include:

Keys to the Mind, Chapter 4: Key Essential Elements for Effective Hypnotherapy
Keys to the Mind, Chapter 5: Exploring the Hypnotic Process in Detail

At the conclusion of this module you will have not only experienced at least two pre-recorded hypnosis session but will also be able to:

• Understand the signs of trance.
• Utilize assessment tools in hypnosis.
• Understand how a pre-talk is structured in clinical hypnosis.
• Describe to various components of hypnotic induction.
• Understand the fundamentals of hypnotic language and conversational hypnosis.

Why People See a Hypnotist

Contextual Psychology

Using Scripts in Hypnosis

Conversational Hypnosis

The Pre-Talk

Hypnosis Demonstration

Components of Induction

Trance Depth

Assessment Tools

Printable Assessment Tools

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Congratulations on joining HypnosisWorld. Your journey to becoming a professional hypnotist begins right here!

Click on each module for the course content. Complete one module before progressing to the next. We expect that each module will require about one weekend worth of time. 

I am always amazed when I get calls asking if hypnosis can help adults who cannot focus, get things done, and stick to a plan. I get the same calls asking about children. HYPNOSIS is perhaps, the best pathway to increase attention, improve focus, and help manage impulses. Hypnosis literally rewires our responses, and the approach I have used for decades is the same approach I have used in my own life, with my clients, and what the research shows actually works.

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