Hypnosis Convincers and Waking Hypnosis

whiteHypnosis convincers, or waking hypnosis, are short demonstrations of how hypnosis works and demonstrations of hypnotic phenomena that do not have formal induction. Stage hypnotists often use hypnotic convincers and awaking hypnosis at the opening of a show, to demonstrate for a large crowd what hypnosis is like. This encourages people to feel comfortable and enjoy hypnosis before a stage hypnosis show selects its volunteers.

hypnosis convincers and waking hypnosisBut clinical hypnotists also use convincers, often to explain through demonstration, what hypnosis is like when a new client has questions. It is also a way of creating rapport with clients and a way of “pre-hypnotizing” them by eliciting responses.

One way I have used convincers in clinical hypnosis, is to answer clients questions. Many weight loss clients come to hypnosis after trying other methods to lose weight. Same for smokers, and even pain control clients. They want to believe, they want to benefit from hypnosis, but they just aren’t sure how me ‘talking to them” is going to help them with a “real” problem.  I will often use the well known lemon drop convincer to help them understand how even our thoughts (and words) can create very real physical responses. This helps them understand how they are going to lose weight, manage cravings, or even modify pain.

Do you know how to do the lemon drop convincer? Or the hand lock convincer?  Do you know other convincers that can be used to help you demonstrate hypnosis?

Waking Hypnosis

I am often asked to speak about hypnosis to groups of people, sometimes college classes, sometimes a networking lunch when people ask me what I do in my office.  This is another time where convincers are helpful.   It is a way for me to quickly demonstrate hypnosis. If I am asked to demonstrate hypnosis, but say I can’t because I need 30 minutes, or need a quiet place, or something else, people will say, “I knew it didn’t work, he couldn’t hypnotize anyone.”  But by being able to say, “Sure I have a couple of minutes and even though we can’t do a complete session right here, I can show you what hypnosis is like and how it works” people then leave says, “wow! Hypnosis is something I should learn!”

 I have created a PDF with some of my favorite hypnotic convincers and waking hypnosis demonstrations.

I want you to have this PDF.

It has word for word scripts and explanations of the processes. There is no charge for this, it is something I want you to have so you can share hypnosis with others and be more confident that the hypnotic convincers and waking hypnosis demonstrations that you do will really work.

All you need to do to get the complete PDF convincers scripts is tell me where to send you the PDF.

Here is a video I posted on YouTube that half a million people have watched.   It is a short hypnosis session, but starts with the hand lock convincer.  Out of half a million people who have viewed it, only 180 gave it a thumbs down!

And don’t forget to download the PDF scripts, it is a resource you will enjoy!