Nine ways to use your lead magnets to generate traffic.

Having lead magnets to help you build your email list is a great strategy, but now you need to promote your lead magnet. It is not true that simply posting the lead generating tool as a page on your site will fill up your list. You must now share this specific page with other people.

If you want to generate lead magnet traffic, promote your lead magnet pages in every opportunity you can find.

Lead Magnet Tutorial

Below this video that teaches you how to promote and use your lead magnet you will find 9 strategies for promoting your lead magnet. I hope you discover success using your lead magnet to generate traffic.

Lead magnets allow you to capture the email addresses of your website visitors. It gives you a low cost, and even free way of then reaching out to them for a direct sale of a future offering.

Nine Ways to Generate Lead Magnet Traffic

  • You must promote your lead magnets. Post on FB, other social media, and when you buy google ads or Facebook ads, direct them to your opt-in pages.
  • When you see posts on social media looking for answers, offer your guide and post a link. Most will allow this if the link is directly related to providing an answer.
  • Share your links to your lead magnets at the end of blog posts, or when commenting on other blog posts.
  • When you guest write blog posts for others, direct people to the lead magnet link. You could even buy another URL that goes directly the lead magnet and simply redirect them.
  • When you are a podcast or radio guest give LISTERNERS something free and send them to your lead magnet.
  • Create more lead magnets in different formats. For example, a short three-part course on video, or a free mp2 or video.
  • If you are uploading YouTube videos, make it the first thing in your descriptions and make sure it is a clickable link.
  •  Add it as a signature on your email.
  • Make sure it is a part of your autoresponder sequence.

YouTube and Lead Magnets

YouTube is a great place to share your lead magnets. Under each video you have the ability to create a description for your video. You should lead with a link to your lead magnet. And, in your videos tell them there is a link below the video for free resources. For me, YouTube Vlogs have been a great source for list-building.

Another strategy of course, is after you post on YouTube, embed your video on a blog. I often create blogs by sending my video to be transcribed and then use the text of what I said as word content for a blog, and embed the video for the visual learnings. The benefit of course, is that when I share my latest YouTube video I am not promoting free traffic to YouTube, but directing people to my website.