I think this contextual skill-building hypnosis induction is so valuable and so useful I want to give it away to as many people as possible!

No credit card required, just tell me where to send access to our online learning center:
Contextual Skill-Building Hypnosis Induction


The idea of this induction is that hypnosis is something we teach somebody, it is something we give to them. The skills of therapeutic relaxation, fixated attention, creating from within, and visualization are in and of themselves healing.   I have created a special page in our learning center where you can access both the printable PDF script, a video presentation that includes the 20 minute induction and a downloadable audio MP3 of the induction so you can practice.

This is a great way to both learn patter and technique for hypnotizing others and a great way to learn how to use self-hypnosis.