Creating Hypnotic Phenomena: Immersive Experiential Sessions

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Create Amazing Experiences for Your Clients

by Using Hypnotic Phoneomena with Immersive Video and Audio and Using Innovative Methods of Hypnosis.
Complete six=part series with downloads and resources.

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Mastering Hypnotic Phenomena:
Creating Immersive Experiential Sessions

Do you want to do more engaging interactive and dynamic hypnosis sessions.  Do you want to unleash your creativity and produce results for your clients that make them want to tell everyone about the services you offer?

This is the complete video series, and all the resources from my post-conference event held August 2018 at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. You get full access to EVERYTHING!

Shorten your learning curve and learn exactly what I am doing in my clinic to produce profound results. Learn how to enhance your sessions by doing more than just talking at them, and create the phenomena that research shows really produces change.

This course will teach specific methods of creating dynamic pre-talks, convincers and immersive inductions that take clients to the deepest trance states and unleash their inner creativity. The result for you will be increased client satisfaction and more word-of-mouth referrals!

Learning #1: This workshop will teach you how I create an immersive experience for my clients and how I use audio, cinematographic video and client interaction from start to finish to make my sessions come alive at every level. I will be sharing the same techniques I use with my clients in my office right down the street. The benefit to you of course, is you will be able to replicate my success, and have confidence that the methods you use are highly effective.

Learning #2: You will learn how to use produce hypnotic phenomena, from hypnotic amnesia to hypnotic perceptual changes. By using these methods you create an experience for your clients that leaves them knowing they were hypnotized and that change is a reality.

Learning #3: I will show you immersive induction strategies that guide a client into the deepest and most focused levels of trance. These are not “hypno-tricks” but methods based on the hypnotic depth scales developed and used by leading researchers. You will be mastering graduate school level techniques and leaving with real strategies you can use.

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Bonus #1: I am going to give you something far better than a hypnosis recording. I am going to give you a complete 40-minute multi-media hypnosis session you have my permission to share and give to your clients. It is a resource you can use to upsell services, demonstrate phenomena, or help your clients heal in many different ways.

Are you in?
I would love to have you in our online learning center! And I know that you will be able to increase your success and generate new referrals with the concepts you will learn in this online course.

ICBCH Certificate of Achievement: You will be able to document your participation in this training with a Certificate of Achievement in Hypnotic Phenomena when you attend this class.

Location: 24/7 in our online learning center – access all resources right now!