ICBCH Professional Medical Hypnosis Training – Module 1

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Take this medical hypnosis course now, and you will find health and wealth for the rest of next year!

  • Generate new clients from medical referrals
  • Become an ICBCH Certified Professional Medical Hypnotist
  • Master techniques based on peer-reviewed studies

The all new ICBCH Professional Medical Hypnosis course has been in development for the past 6 months, and when you take this exciting new course the results will be new skills that can help you generate new referrals and clients. But more than that, the applications will help you, your clients, and your family feel great when you share with them these amazing strategies and techniques.

A lot of hypnosis course teach you a single protocol or method for solving a very specific problem. But this course, is a professional development certification course, and is designed to give you skills in almost every area where hypnosis can benefit medical conditions

The first thing you will access is a bibliography of over 100 academic citation, showing the real-world benefit to specific hypnotic strategies or hypnotherapy to a variety of medical conditions.

Almost every week I get asked, “Can you show me studies that demonstrate hypnosis really works for medical conditions?” Imagine how much confidence you would have when sharing techniques with clients if you knew exactly what studies you could share with them. And imagine how powerful your website or marketing will be when you can back up your offerings with rock solid citations. Imagine how much time you would have to spend to create such a bibliography – I have done it, and I am going to share it with you in the first module of this Professional Medical Hypnosis Certification Course.

  • Module One Available NOW! 
  • Become an ICBCH Certified Professional Medical Hypnotist (when you complete all three modules)
  • Master techniques based on peer-reviewed studies

There are three modules in this program, and the first module is being now available! Because I want as many people as possible to benefit from this program, the first module is $27right now for Black Friday!.  The course is entirely self-paced, you can complete it 24/7 from anywhere in the world. (See note below for information about module two and three and certification ICBCH certification requirements.)

This comprehensive training program consists of multi-media resources so you can truly succeed.

In the first module of this course contains:

101 Proofs That Hypnosis Helps Heal Faster, Recover Stronger and Works in Medical Treatment

The incredible list of citations demonstrating the real-world efficacy of hypnosis in medical treatment. You can download it right now, after you register, and use it to market hypnosis to medical referrals!

Downloadable and Printable PDF Format
Topically arranged by treatment method, disorder, and method

I am giving this to you in a PDF eBook format so you will have all of these resources in one easy to use location. Use the headlines and citations in your marketing and in communication with others the real power of hypnosis. And use this to boost your confidence, knowing that the techniques taught in this course are truly valuable.

Foundations of Medical Hypnosis Video Series (6 videos)

video-playerThis video series overviews the three core areas of using hypnosis in medical treatment, including prevention, treatment and recovery. The research shows that hypnotic techniques can reverse some medical symptoms, promote faster healing with other conditions and prevent development or recurrence of disease.

The best part of this series? I will share with you a rock-solid foundation for understanding why hypnosis works for medical conditions and help you to really understand the amazing science behind mind-body medicine.

The 6th video is a very important video discussing ethics and scope of practice – so you will know how you can apply the principles of effective hypnosis to medical clients without misrepresentation or legal issues.

Techniques of Medical Hypnosis Video Series (6 Videos)

presentationThis series covers specific techniques that are proven strategies for prevention, treatment and recovery. They include techniques across a spectrum of hypnotic philosophies. You will learn:

  • Regression to pre-disorder health
  • Autogenic strategies for changing symptoms
  • Distress Tolerance Training
  • Direct Symptom Suggestion
  • Time Distortion in Recovery
  • And several other techniques!

Audio Resources, Scripts and Self-Hypnosis Sessions

music-cdWith the first module, I am providing 6 printable hypnosis scripts and 6 complete MP3 recordings. These are professionally produced, and you have permission to use them yourself, or share them with your clients in hypnotherapy!

Imagine have a resource so you have the right MP3 recoding you can give your clients without having to make your own recordings.

Here are the MP3 and Printable Script Topics:

music-playerPre-surgical Preparation: Studies show that clients who practice self-hypnosis techniques actually do better poster surgery. This MP3 prepares them for impending surgical procedures and give powerful post-hypnotic suggestions for recovery.

music-playerThe Recovery Session: Post recovery is perhaps one of the most important times to use self-hypnosis. The mental state we create often determines outcomes.

music-playerRegression to Pre-Symptom Health: Using the principle of revivification, this script and this MP3 are likely to be one of your most powerful tools for medical hypnotherapy.

music-playerImmune System Boost: Doctors treat sick people all day and manage to stay well! This hypnosis session focuses on creating optimum health, and does so using the same techniques doctors use to stay healthy day after day!

music-playerMedical Anxiety and Depression: Procedure induced stress and anxiety are one of the contributing factors in poor healthcare outcomes. This is the recording and script that creates calm amid the chaos of illness and changes self-talk from depression and anxiety to hope and health.

music-playerFuture Pacing a Healthy You: People know what their past medical problems have left them feeling like, and these pains, fears, and illnesses are often projected into the future. This script, and audio reverse this self-defeating pattern and future pace a client into wellness.

Do you want all 6 PDF Printable Hypnosis Scripts?

And the 6 full length hypnosis audio sessions?

And the eBook “101 Proofs…”

And the 6 Medical Hypnosis Foundation Videos

And the 6 Medical Hypnosis Techniques Videos

Eight Approved CE hours for Module One

For only $27?  Then you need to register now to pay only $27 not $97

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Terms of Registration/Small Print:

ICBCH Certification as A Professional Medical Hypnotist (CPMH) requires that you are either certified by the ICBCH as a hypnotist, or by any other nationally or internationally recognized certification program as a hypnotist.

Upon completion of module one, you will receive an ICBCH Certificate of Achievement in Medical Hypnosis. ICBCH certification requires completion of all three medical hypnosis modules. This is a three-month course, and module two will be released in January of 2017 and module three will be released in February of 2017.

If you are pre-registered for this course, you will have the opportunity to register for module two and module three at $97 each. Total cost of the certification program for those who pre-register for this course is $97 for module two and $97 for module three. These prices will be good for those who pre-register for this course, through Black Friday. Price is subject to change at any time – and will be more for those who do not pre-register for this course.

Module two and three will follow a similar learning format, but will focus on specific medical disorders where hypnosis has proven efficacy. In module two and three you will learn interventions for the prevention, treatment and recovery from these conditions:

Autoimmune disorders (Arthritis, Graves’ disease, Lyme disease, etc.), hypnotic pain control for a variety of pain related conditions, dental hypnosis, cancer treatment, respiratory disease, allergy conditions, dermatology hypnosis, diabetes, stroke and heart disease, orthopedic conditions, pediatric hypnosis and many other areas where hypnosis has demonstrated efficacy. The modules are specific, cited with academic citations, and rich in techniques both demonstrated and taught. Multiple downloadable audio, video and PDF files.


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