Medical Hypnotherapy – All New Content – Techniques, Strategies and Methods for Helping Others with the Power of Hypnosis

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All New Content – Medical Hypnotherapy

Over 9 hours of specific how-to training in our online resource center explaining and demonstrating the techniques of medical hypnotherapy. This is all new content, just recorded this summer! Instant access to help you master getting medical referrals, the techniques of medical hypnosis and upping your skill level to one of confidence and proficiency. Access now – this is a unique temporary special  and this offering will disappear soon!


Are you passionate about helping others with clinical hypnosis?
What if you learned the techniques and methods that the research showed were most effective?

“These are proven techniques, based on the research, that help clients find solutions in medical hypnotherapy” – Dr. Richard Nongard, course creator and presenter.


Over 9 Hours of Content – All Downloadable, and with instant access right now. But this offer is limited and will disappear forever very soon!

Check out the content in this program:


Video One:
3:35 Real research showing hypnosis works
6:11 Eliminate pre-operative anxiety
12:20 The goal in pain control hypnosis
18.15 Diabetics in medical tratment
27.40 The most effective way to induce trance in medical patients
32.29 How healing is created in hypnosis
36.33 Insomnia in medical care

And that is just ONE video of 11 videos!  Imagine what you will learn in the full program! You can get all access right now to all 9 hours, and all 11 videos.

Here is what you will get in the other 10 sessions:

How to do assessment with medical clients. The way to help others is to know what has worked and what has failed them. You will learn how to use the assessment process to structure effective suggestions – essentially write your own scripts!

How to move beyond regression and use new techniques that the research shows are effective. You will increase your effectiveness and help people find real relief by using these validated techniques.

Ericksonian methods in medical hypnosis. Milton Erickson was not a master of manipulation who did party tricks. He was a physician that used hypnosis to help people heal!

Kelley T Woods joins us! In video 5 Kelley T. Woods shares her ideas from her practice – all actionable strategies you can adapt for your work.

Are you ready to seize this moment? To go to the next level? There are so many ideas, and so many solutions in this series is is impossible to list them out. But if you work with pain control clients, pre-surgical clients, diabetics, high-blood pressure clients, cancer patients or any other medical client – you will find real solutions!

What You Get

  • You will get instant access of 11 videos, recorded live, and all teaching incredible techniques – and you will get instant access
  • You will get actionable strategies and see demonstrations
  • You will learn the methods that are based on research, with applications to almost any medical clients.
  • You will learn about referrals, about marketing, and about building a practice.
  • You will get access to a program that is comprehensive and amazing, and you will be able to benefit and grow your practice.


Powerful solutions that can change your client’s lives. And the best part? You can use these in self-hypnosis to help you recover faster, feel better and master the benefits of medical hypnosis in your own life.