Skill-Building Contextual Induction

This video has both a short teaching and a 20 minute audio file. It is actually module #16 in our ICBCH Gold Level Hypnosis Certification program. If you have not taken a certification program, as a Subliminal Science blog reader, you can get the all-new hypnosis certification program for $97. (That’s the same program that has sold for $597!)

Here is the downloadable PDF script:  Nongard-Skill-Building-Contextual-Induction

Here is the downloadable MP3 file:

Contextual Skill-Building Induction

ICBCH Gold Level Hypnosis Certification Program
100% ONLINE Independent Study Certification Training Program

24 Hours of  Approved Continuing Education Credits
ICBCH Specialty Certification Designation

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Our online certification program works. Thousands of people have taken the online ICBCH training programs. We use the same learning systems accredited universities use to teach graduate level classes. You can learn without travel expenses, you can learn 24/7 from any place in the world, you can download our content and have life long access, and we can save you thousands of dollars when you take our training compared to a lot of other expensive courses.

The ICBCH Gold Level Hypnosis Certification course is a unique program that will give you resources for personal and professional success.

  • You will know how a skill-building contextual induction changes lives and is among the most effective ways of doing hypnosis
  • You will get a 20 minute daily practice session that teaches you self-hypnosis
  • You will learn how to create therapeutic trances and resource states that can last a lifetime
  • We will teach you how to create and structure both direct and indirect suggestions that are unique for the people you are working with.

This Program Changes Lives Through The Power of Hypnosis

  • You will get 24-hours of CE credit  – including professional ethics
  • We will teach you how to work with clients to stop unwanted behaviors, use hypnosis as a tool for peak performance, and make rapid change using hypnotic techniques.
  • We will also teach you how to work with a new type of client: One who is often self-motivated and seeking an expert to help them. These clients are willing to pay for services.
  • You will learn strategies that work for smoking cessation, weight control, improving academic performance, developing confidence, and peak performance coaching.
  • We will also teach you how to use hypnosis a resource for building a private practice and how by specializing in this niche you can increase your professional opportunities.

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We’ve Jam Packed Everything Into This Simple System, So You Can Succeed With Ease…

In the ICBCH Gold Level Hypnosis Certification Course you will learn exactly what you need to know to hypnotize other people and to create business success.

  • Contextual Approaches Using Evidence Based Protocols
  • Autogenic-Experiential Hypnosis Induction
  • Ericksonian and Direct Hypnosis Strategies
  • How to Attract New Clients
  • How to Structure Sessions and Get Paid Upfront
  • A foolproof way for deepening hypnosis
  • Mastery of post-hypnotic suggestion
  • Many, many other important topics all covered comprehensively


32 Video Topics Teaching Hypnotherapy (Plus 8 Bonus Videos)

There are 32 video topics in this course taking you step by step through the technique aspects of doing hypnosis. Each video breaks down the process in easy to understand language. You will have ongoing access to each video, so you can view any video you want to as many times as you want to.  There are another 8 bonus videos teaching you everything from doing hypnosis online to using a sound system in hypnosis to enhance your success!

100x100_03Complete 20 Minute Contextual Skill-Building Induction Practice MP3

You will get a downloadable hypnosis induction that has the power of contextual psychology, and the hypnotic language of Dr. Richard Nongard. You will be listening to this MP# and not only learning how to exprience hypnosis, but how to memorize the rights words and processes to create success and hypnotize others.


100x100_09Keys to the Mind Textbook

This textbook, written by Dr. Richard Nongard, is a complete resource and reference guide for doing hypnosis safely, effectively and correctly. You will get the eBook version with this course and can view it online or download it to a kindle, iPad, e-reader or any other device.


100x100_045 Complete Hypnosis Sessions

In addition to the video demonstrations of complete hypnosis sessions, you will get 5 downloadable audio sessions. Perhaps the easiest way to learn hypnosis is to experience hypnosis and these sessions cover popular topics such as: Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss Hypnosis, Confidence, Anxiety Control, Stress Relief.


100x100_02Professional Practice Forms and Assessment Tools

You will get complete access to the reproducible office forms we use and the assessment tools we use most frequently in our office.  Each assessment tool (smoking cessation, primary representational systems, strengths and resource inventory, etc.) comes with a complete video explanation of the ways they can be used to enhance success.


100x100_0624 Hours of Approved CE Credit $97

Until now, this 24 hour course was about $500. But we believe in hypnosis, and we want as many people as possible to benefit. It is going to be impossible for us to offer this course at this price for long, but you have the opportunity now to get what others have paid 5 times more to get. Peachtree Professional Education, Inc. is an approved provider of CE credit for most state boards for social work, MFT, professional counselors and registered nurses.  . 

100x100_07Frameable Certificate and Course Documentation

Show people your success! You will receive a high quality frameable certificate upon completion of this course, noting your state as an ICBCH Certified Hypnotist. We will also provide you with documentation/transcripts for continuing education completion which you may submit to state boards and professional associations.

We’ve Jam Packed In These Special BONUSES

If you are one of the first 50 people who registers today…

In addition to everything above, and a 2-your membership into the ICBCH (International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists) and accompanying membership certificate, you will get these items if you are one of the first 50 to register today:

Printable Hypnosis Script Library and Training Video

One of our most popular videos over the years has been “How to Write a Good Hypnosis Script” and it along has sold for $89 on DVD. You will get the online version of this full video as a bonus- along with a resource library of printable hypnosis scripts you can adapt for use to your clients.

Quick Start Guide To Private Practice

This four part DVD series retails for $89 on DVD but is your gift for taking the course right now. This offer is limited to first 50 therapists who sign-up today.   You will be getting online access to this series and the four parts take you through all of the essential strategies for opening a successful private practice.


It’s simple…people who learn hypnotherapy love the work that they do…

People are looking for professional hypnotists

With a lot of positive press, and endorsements from almost every TV talk show, people go to google and look for local hypnotists for everything from weight loss to anxiety control.

People are willing to pay for hypnosis

My clients pay me about $500-750 in the first session for three sessions. Hypnosis clients expect to pay an expert to help them, but they are not expecting insurance to cover the cost.

Hypnosis clients are not mentally ill

The clients we work with are trying to solve a specific problem, but often they are high achievers without mental illness. It is really nice to have some clients who are highly motivated self-referrals.

Professional hypnosis works

A contextual approach to clinical hypnosis is based on what the research shows really works. These are the methods we teach. And therapists who produce results get ongoing referrals from previous clients.

Hypnosis Benefits You

When you learn how to hypnotize others, you are also learning how to take control of your own life and how to master your emotions, decisions and options. You are reconciling your own subconscious desire with your conscious actions and the results will be life changing for you.


You can become a Certified Hypnotist

And you can start today!  Our course provides instant online access.

Register now.  Just add it to your cart with the button below..

Original price was: $597.00.Current price is: $297.00.Add to cart

Will I be a certified hypnotherapist?

No. This course awards the ICBCH Certified Hypnotist designation. It is not a course that makes you a therapist. In fact, people seek out hypnotists because they don’t want to see a therapist. They seek out a hypnotist because there is nothing wrong with them, they just need an expert to help them achieve specific goals.  Therapists diagnose and treat mental illness. These are a different type of client than a hypnotist sees. They come to a hypnotist to solve specific problems or to find unique solutions – and that is what this course teaches.  It teaches peak performance, skill-building hypnosis and the work that professional hypnotists do.

Is the ICBCH an established program?

Since 2006 we have been offering training to people teaching them professional hypnosis. We have thousands of members of our social media forums, and thousands of members who have taken our courses.  Our parent company has been a provider of continuing education for mental health professionals since 1994.

Who is Dr. Richard Nongard?

Your instructor for this course is Dr. Richard Nongard. He is an adjunct university professor at an accredited university, he holds and accredited Master’s Degree in Counseling (LU) and a Doctorate in Cultural Transformation (BGU). You can find out more here: As a university professor he understands online learning and creating online programs that actually teach the skills you need to succeed. He is also the author of many textbooks, and resources for professional hypnotists.

What kinds of issues can I help with when I complete this course?

A lot of people who have taken our course help students with academic skills, help people overcome habits like smoking or unhealthy eating. People who take our course help others achieve peak performance, personal growth, enhance sports performance or develop confidence in public speaking. The applications of hypnosis are unlimited, and you will learn skills to work with many different types of clients.

Can I really do hypnosis with just one course?

Yes, our course will teach you how to hypnotize people, and how to use a skill-building method that is based on researched methods of helping people create success. We do not believe however, that one course is all anyone needs to deal with all issues a client might present. You can take one course and help people and teach them hypnosis. But people who are serious about helping others as a career, go on and take our Platinum Level Certification Course for advanced studies, or choose to take other courses, programs and continuing education to maximize their skills.  We will show you in this course how to do a basic process of hypnosis, how to teach a person self-hypnosis, and to use positive suggestion to help others.  And you will have the skills to offer your services to others within the ethical framework that this course teaches. This framework includes legal issues, accurately representing your skills level and remaining in a scope of practice that does not offer therapy but offers change work.

Does any state restrict hypnosis?

No state forbids the practice of hypnosis. Some states do require registration (Washington, Colorado, Connecticut) and some have guidelines for scope of practice, but it is legal in all 50 states to do hypnosis and offer your services with the material this course teaches.

Will I get a certificate?

We will mail you an awesome certificate within 30 days of completing this course. You will be able to frame it, show it and use it to document your participation in this course.