Transformational Leadership: How To Lead From Your Strengths And Maximize Your Impact

Transformational Leaders create a legacy of success that reaches far beyond the initial impact of their work.

Are you a Transformational Leader?

Do you have a desire to use your strengths to transform others in your workplace, family, and community? Or perhaps even globally?

In the first part of this book, Dr. Richard Nongard provides a clear understanding of what Transformational Leadership is and how it is unique among leadership styles. He shares the research demonstrating its efficacy in healthcare, business, community development, and the military, along with his own personal experiences as a counselor creating transformation one life at a time.

In the second part of this book, practical strategies for developing the core competencies of Transformational Leadership are explored with many practical applications you can use to define your strengths, develop both social and emotional intelligence, and fulfill your calling as a leader. By applying the ideas of this book, you will transform your own experience as you transform the lives of others.

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Genre: Leadership/Business
ISBN: 9781312143401
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