Reframing Hypnotherapy: Evidence-Based Techniques for Your Next Hypnosis Session

Reframing Hypnotherapy is the book that will transform your hypnosis sessions!

This book is about Contextual Hypnotherapy, the evidenced-based approaches you can use to problem solve in clinical hypnosis. Its purpose is to free you from the constraints of the methods of hypnosis that are based on tradition rather than research and to teach you new skills you can use with your clients immediately.
By overviewing the research that behavioral therapists use, specific methods and techniques that are based on hypnotic intervention are outlined and shared. What this means is that the new techniques you learn will be based on research and will have proven outcomes. It also means that when you finish this book you will have the resources and the methods to integrate these new tools into your hypnosis sessions.

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Genres: Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness/Meditation
ISBN: 9781724467287
List Price: 16.95
eBook Price: 3.99
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