Travel Guide to Las Vegas for Hypnosis
Conferences and Classes

This guide will help you travel to Las Vegas for hypnosis conferences and events such as Hypnothoughts Live, HPTI Classes and Conferences, and courses at Hypnosis Nevada, LLC.

The best part? Las Vegas is a safe and easy city to get around in. It was designed for tourists and travelers. The airport code is LAS, and the airport, Mccarren international Airport, is literally 15 minutes away from everything. On this page you will find everything you need, from rental cars, to discount airline tickets, and even places to make hotel reservations.  Got questions, even after reading this page?  Call our office at (702) 418-3332 ext. 1 and Stephanie will help you navigate everything!

We recommend Expedia for booking flights, rental cars, and even hotel rooms if there is a need. The recommended hotel is The Orleans Hotel and Casino. Conferences are often held at this location. If you are attending an event at HPTI Hypnosis Nevada LLC with Dr. Richard Nongard – this is the closest casino hotel. Another option is the Club de Soliel, which is between the Orleans and the HPTI Conference Center.

This page contains links to affiliate partners who may, at no additional cost to you,  pay a commission to Hypnosis Nevada, LLC for referring business to them. We do appreciate you using our links to make reservations and accommodations in Las Vegas.

The Airport (LAS is the code) is basically so close to the venue you could hit a golf ball to it (if you listened to my Better Golf hypnosis CD first). You do not need a rent-a-car, and taxis, ride shares, shuttles and busses will take you to the front door in about 10-12 minutes depending on traffic. It is close, but you cannot walk to the hotel. There is a lot of useful info on the airport webpage:

Rent-A-Cars:  You do not need a car. Parking is free at the Orleans Hotel or Club de Soliel, but fees apply in most other places.

Taxi, Uber and Lyft are everywhere 24-hours a day. There is no problem with last-minute transportation at any time in Las Vegas.

If you are attending an event at Dr. Richard Nongards office (the HPTI/ICBCH Conference Center) we will provide transportation to and from The Orleans Hotel and Club de Soliel each day. The address is 6787 W. Tropicana, Second Floor.

Safety in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well-policed and designed for visitors safety. All hotels have security and are safe places to stay. The HPTI/ICBCH offices are in an upscale medical center with no safety concerns. Vegas is a big city and of course, the media loves to highlight Vegas crime, it improves TV ratings. Frankly, I walk all over Vegas night and day, even in neighborhoods and establishments I do not recommend you go to. I have never had a concern. There is good security everywhere at every property. Remember, crime makes the news because it is the exception rather than the rule.