The Self-Hypnosis Experience

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Experience being hypnotized, learn the most effective ways to do self-hypnosis,and learn what strategies you should be teaching your clients…

The way to overcome anything, control emotions, change behaviors, and step into abundance is with self-hypnosis. This is an experiential online seminar where you will uncover your trance potential, get hypnotized at the deepest levels and learn self-hypnosis through pre-recorded tutorial videos, downloadable audio sessions, and additional resources.

The pathway to success
with self hypnosis begins with this course.

Change Your Life. Change Others. Change the World.

Dr. Richard Nongard

HPTI Executive Director

Dr. Richard K. Nongard is a bestselling author who literally wrote the book on self-hypnosis. You will benefit by learning from his expertise, and tapping into the resources he will provide to help you structure your sessions more effectively.

Course Contents

This course will provide you with the following resources:


Therapeutic Worksheets


Downloadable Audios


Video Tutorials Teaching you Step-by-Step!


Printable scripts you can use with others!

The best part

In this experiential class, you can put the struggle behind.

What’s even better, is that by mastering these techniques of self-hypnosis, you will be learning the exact processes that you should be teaching your clients and giving as homework to make your sessions even more effective.

Far too many hypnotists simply give clients a recorded hypnosis session as self-hypnosis and never really teach their clients how to do self-hypnosis. You will learn exactly how to teach these skills, share them with clients, and increase your results.

In this five-part online learning experience you will learn:

This course is entirely online, with 24/7 access and completely self-paced. There are multiple resources you can instantly access now to put these methods of creating your best life to work easily!

The most effective methods of self-hypnosis so you can experience your own change

How to stop setting goals and start setting intentions to increase your successes

How to find a shortcut to emotional intelligence and deal with anger, anxiety, and depression

How autosuggestion and self-talk can create lasting change so you can exceed your own personal expectations

How to find a shortcut to emotional intelligence and deal with anger, anxiety, and depression

How to step into your own success by fully activating the power of self-hypnosis

It’s simple…
people who learn self - hypnosis love the work that they do… They get to help others, and change the world for the better!

Right now and access the first learning module. This course is designed to be practiced over a 5 week period of personal transformation.

Each week you will access three new step-by-step tuorials. These will show you the specific methods of self-hypnosis, autosuggestions and give you the keys to health, wealth, and habit change. 

In-Depth Video Learning Modules

Each weekly module has three topical video learning videos demonstrating techniques and explaining self-hypnosis in depth. These videos will share strategies for reframing our self-talk, accessing higher resource states, and using self-hypnosis to create lasting change. The result is a permanent library of resources you can review over and over and apply the specific learning to your own desires and goals.

Practice Self-Hypnosis Audio Sessions

Each week you will also be provided new downloadable self-hypnosis mp3 files. You can use these to guide your self-hypnosis practice, and you can even share these with your clients in your office if you are a professional hypnotist.

Printable Scripts

I will provide transcripts of self-hypnosis sessions which you can use as induction and suggestive therapy scripts with clients in professional hypnosis. They will also be great teaching tools for you in sharing these skills with others.

Step-by-Step Worksheets

Seeing your own solutions in your own handwriting can be a powerful tool for creating lasting change. Each week 1-2 therapeutic worksheets will be provided as printable PDF files. By going through each of the worksheets provided you will emerge from this course with lasting transformation in your health, your wealth, and your habits!

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