Structuring and Scripting Sessions Workshop!

Twelve weeks, every Sunday night at 6:00pm Pacific Time! Zoom room access, and required textbooks are included!
Begins February 7, 2021.

Limited Participation. This class, like all our classes, will fill before the start date. Reserve Your spot now to make sure you get access.

What You Will Get?

Textbooks Provided. You will get both eBooks by Dr. Richard Nongard...
Dr. Richard Nongard's Big Book of Hypnosis Scripts and Magic Words in Hypnosis!
By registering today you get full access to BOTH these eBooks right now. (Up to a $39 value!)

Here Is What We Will Learn and Do:

You will be able to use these scripts in hypnosis session, both online or in person and they are also going to be perfect for recording and selling self-hypnosis recordings

Master the seven-part structure

Effective online and real-world hypnosis, counseling, and coaching sessions.
You will learn how to write scripts perfect for professional mediation and self-hypnosis recordings.

We will learn how to integrate multiple scripts

Integrate multiple scripts and patters into a single session based on unique client needs.

The Result for you? More confidence, better client responses, and strategies that you can map over from one session to the nest, and from one client to another.

We will write eight-ten full, start to finish scripts, as a group!

When the class is done, you will have a resource you can use in your client sessions. There is no class that will make working with your clients as easy as this class!

We will evaluate professional hypnosis scripts

Will evaluate previously published scripts and learn the why and the how of creating effective scripts.

Dr. Richard Nongard has published some of the most widely used scripts in our field. Discover why!

This is a hands-on practical training, with real-world results.

It does not matter if you are new and just getting started of have been doing this for years. This class is a resource to all.

Secure Your Access to the Training Now

We will meet weekly for twelve weeks, we will be learning how to create better structure in our counseling, hypnotherapy, and coaching sessions - and learn the art of crafting unique scripts to truly meet the needs of our clients!

$249 for All Twelve Weeks

About Your Host
Dr. Richard Nongard

Structuring and Scripting Sessions Workshop

Dr. Richard Nongard

HPTI Executive Director

Dr. Richard Nongard has written some of the best-selling hypnotherapy and contextual psychology hypnosis script collections in the field. You will benefit by learning from his expertise, and tapping into the resources he will provide to help you structure your sessions more effectively.

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