Quit Vaping Nicotine Hypnosis Script


Quit Vaping Nicotine

Professional Hypnosis Script
for Professional Use


quit-vaping-hypnosis-scriptA lot of people ask me, can hypnosis really help me to quit vaping nicotine? The answer is of course “yes”! Of course many people who vape are extremely frustrated, after all, almost all used this as a method to quit smoking but now find themselves addicted to the vape. And we know hypnosis is a great tool for unwinding frustration and creating clarity and hope.  But more importantly, hypnosis will teach you to control nicotine cravings, by teaching you how to create the opposite of withdrawal in your body, and by listening to this audio file, you have already committed the mind to making this change. We also know that hypnosis truly changes the subconscious association you have created, first by smoking and then substituting vaping. You see, by exchanging smoking for vaping, the underlying subconscious associations were never changed, but now you have made taken action, by listening to this recording, to follow specific hypnotic suggestions that literally reprogram the subconscious mind.