Overcome jet Lag Professional Hypnosis Script


Learn the secret pilots, flight attendants, and world travelers use to overcome Jet Lag

In this script you will learn techniques that will help clients:

  • Skills for managing physical distress.
  • Ending the uncomfortable feelings of fatigue and restlessness.
  • Managing daylight, hydration and travel.
  • Benefit from the practical solutions.
  • Experience deep levels of relaxation at will.
  • This script features:
    • Time distortion techniques
    • Direct suggestions
    • Indirect suggestion
    • Transitional deepeners

Sample from the pre-talk:
This session is designed to help you both avoid and overcome the feeling of jetlag. You can use this recording before you travel, on an airplane while traveling, and after you travel.
Many people ask me, how can hypnosis be useful for avoiding and overcoming jetlag? First, hypnosis is a way of learning how to take control over your body, perceptions of fatigue and alertness and to regulate your sleep. In fact, hypnosis comes from a Greek word “hypnos” that literally means sleep.
Second, hypnosis for avoiding and overcoming jetlag is a great strategy for changing your behavior, and we know certain behaviors can contribute to your success in overcoming jetlag. These ideas come from pilots, flight attendants, and seasoned travelers who are experienced in crossing multiple time zones in a short period of time. In fact, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively and have used many of these techniques myself.
Third, hypnosis for jetlag works because time itself is an artificial construct and our perceptions about time can be altered through hypnosis.