Manage Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Managing physical and emotional distress by learning powerful self-hypnosis techniques.

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You can overcome anxiety and panic using hypnosis.

In these audio sessions you will learn self-hypnosis techniques that will help you:

  • Skills for managing physical distress
  • Ending the uncomfortable feelings associated with anxiety,
  • Managing panic, fears and phobias.
  • Benefit from the practical solutions.
  • Experience deep levels of relaxation at will.

Dr. Nongard is a Certified professional Hypnotist, you will enjoy his hypnosis style that will teach you to manage anxiety and panic using the techniques of hypnosis, binaural beat technology and NLP neuro-linguistic programming.

Note: This content is not meant as a substitute for professional medical attention.  Please consult with your physician to rule out any physical or mental complications or for the diagnosis and prevention of illness. Do not listen while driving or operating potentially dangerous machinery.