Anchoring Change – How to Make Hypnosis Last Forever – The Expert Hypnotist Series

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Anchoring Change:
 How to Make Hypnosis Last Forever

A two-part course with Dr. Richard Nongard in our online learning center

Do you know that the suggestions you make will “stick”?  This course will give you the exact methods I use and unique process of anchoring change that will make it stick!

Do you ever feel a lack of confidence that change will be lasting?  Confidence is the most important aspect of your success and happiness as a hypnotherapist.

There are two parts to this class, and each will teach you specific methods of hypnotic anchoring. Do not let your clients leave without being anchored for lasting change!

I have clients who have been smoke free for over a decade, weight loss clients that have kept the weight off and many other clients that have experienced long-term success.   In this webinar, I will teach you exactly what I do with clients, and you will be learning from a therapist who actually sees clients, not just a teacher of hypno-tricks.

  • How to create and use realistic anchors
  • How to anchor using only verbal post-hypnotic suggestion
  • How to create lasting change through time distortion and future pacing
  • How to use conversational language patterns to increase long-term change
  • How to tap into the most powerful part of subconscious recall
  • How to be a more powerful hypnotist, a confident hypnotist and a successful hypnotist

I will teach you methods that make you more confident, because when you know your clients change is lasting, you will feel a greater sense of purpose. By the way…Therapists with long term success, get long-term referrals.  By learning the methods of making hypnosis last forever, you will find one of the secrets to your own business success.

NOTE:  This course was recorded when the hypnothoughts forum was active. The video references this forum and it is no longer available to us in the same way that it was. The internet changes. But you will have access to our current Facebook forum, and I have attached the course notes/scripts that originally referred to the hypnothoughts forum.