There are many books that can be resources to you. My book, Speak Ericksonian, has been a popular book for those wanting to know Ericksonian language patterns. I am providing a PDF copy of it for you here. Hypnosis and NLP go hand in hand, and I have provided a copy of my bestselling book on self-hypnosis also.

There is also a bibliography on this page. These are books that are not required in this course but are recommended reading for those learning NLP and life-coaching.

Access these books

NLP Certification


Hypnotic Language Patterns

By Dr. Richard Nongard

In this course I will provide many resources in this format. Look forward to more to come!

NLP Certification


Speak Ericksonian

By Dr. Richard Nongard

NLP Certification


Self-Hypnosis Solution

By Dr. Richard Nongard

Recommended Reading List:

Andreas, C., & Andreas, T. (1996). Core transformation: Reaching the wellspring within. Moab, UT: Real People Press.

Bandler, R., Roberti, A., & Fitzpatrick, O. (2014). How to take charge of your life: The users guide to NLP. London: HarperCollins.

DILTS, R. R. (2017). SLEIGHT OF MOUTH: The magic of conversational belief change. Place of publication not identified: DILTS STRATEGY Group.

Dispenza, J., & Braden, G. (2019). Becoming supernatural: How common people are doing the uncommon. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House.

Hoobyar, T., Dotz, T., & Sanders, S. (2013). NLP: The essential guide to neuro-linguistic programming: From NLP comprehensive. New York: William Morrow.

Vaknin, S., Yourell, R. A., & Schwarts, M. (2010). The big book of NLP expanded: 350 techniques, patterns & strategies of neuro linguistic programming. S. l.: Inner patch publishing.  

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