Mindfulness: How to Change Your Life
(TEDx with Dr. Richard Nongard)

19 Minutes with Impact!

The impact of your adverse childhood experiences can be reversed! There are proven ways to change your feelings, your body, and your thoughts. Trauma can be transformed. The best part? Research shows is it is not by revisiting the past, but rather by mastering this moment. Share the link with others, so they might benefit from the content.

Play the video on the left, enjoy the practice exercise near the end. Most of all, use these strategies to overcome the past by living in the present. I’d love it if you left a comment or a “like” on YouTube!

In this talk, I share how the strategy of living in the moment, can alter the course of one’s life. I share the “paradox of the past” which is: Although our previous experiences brought us to exactly where we are today – they hold no power over our future.  I’d love it if you leave a comment or thought.

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