Grief And Loss Hypnosis Methods

Learn the hypnotic methods of helping others with grief and loss...

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June 17

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Evidence-based Methods of Hypnosis

Become an Expert in Hypnosis for Grief and Loss
This training is designed to equip you with advanced skills to navigate the turbulent waters of human sorrow and bring your clients to the shore of solace.

Clients who have recently lost a loved one and are struggling to cope with the overwhelming emotions.

Those experiencing complicated grief, where feelings of loss are debilitating and don't improve even after time passes.

Individuals who have undergone a significant life change such as divorce, job loss, or relocation, and are grappling with a sense of loss.

Clients who have unresolved feelings of loss from their past, inhibiting their present happiness and functioning.

Those who have lost a pet, a significant but often overlooked form of grief that can benefit from professional support.

Individuals who are dealing with anticipatory grief, such as a loved one's terminal illness, which can cause profound emotional distress.

Clients facing the loss of abilities or health due to aging or illness, requiring help in adjusting to their new reality.

Individuals dealing with secondary losses, such as loss of identity, roles, or future plans that follow the primary loss event.

Clients struggling with existential grief, grappling with questions about mortality, the meaning of life, or a crisis of faith.

Those who have lost a significant relationship but struggle to grieve openly due to societal norms (disenfranchised grief), like in the case of extramarital affairs, loss of a therapist, or estranged relationships.

This meticulously designed course blends the art and science of hypnotherapy to provide a holistic approach to managing grief. Learn from Dr. Richard Nongard, an expert in hypnotherapy and psychology, who will guide you through the labyrinth of human emotions to unlock the door to healing.

Your course includes exclusive, evidence-based material, interactive and flexible learning resources like eBook resources, tutorials, and scripts, and most importantly, a certificate of completion from the ICBCH to document your mastery of grief and loss hypnotherapy.

In This Course, You Will Master:

Master the NLP Grief Pattern:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) offers a powerful framework for changing thought processes and behaviors. Learn how to guide your clients through this transformative pattern to help them find meaning, growth, and peace in their loss.

Explore the Dual Process Model of Grief and How to Script a Complete Hypnosis Session Based on this Approach:

This evidence-based approach acknowledges that oscillation between loss-oriented and restoration-oriented coping is natural and healthy. Learn how to facilitate this balancing act in your clients, helping them face their grief head-on while also embracing life-affirming activities and emotions.

Learn the Application of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) in Hypnotherapy for Grief Work:

Grounded in extensive research, MBCT combines cognitive therapy techniques with mindfulness strategies. Discover how to help clients develop a non-judgmental awareness of their grief, ultimately fostering resilience and acceptance.

What You Will Get:

Exclusive Learning Material:

Gain access to comprehensive, evidence-based content developed by Dr. Richard Nongard.

Interactive Learning:

The class resources will be available 5 days before the scheduled Zoom event. Multiple tutorials and training resources are provided, and then we will meet for a one-day live Zoom for continued learning and practice.

Flexible Learning:

You will get an eBook guide to grief and loss complete with scripts and resources, AND multiple tutorials teaching steps and processes for effective hypnotherapy.

Certificate of Completion:

Upon successful completion, earn an ICBCH certificate of completion that documents your training in grief and loss hypnotherapy.

As a skilled practitioner of grief and loss hypnotherapy, you'll have the profound privilege of helping others navigate their darkest hours and emerge into the light of hope and healing. Your expertise could be the catalyst for transformation, leading them from a place of sorrow to one of acceptance and renewed life.

Ready to help others with your special skills?

Ready to become a guiding light in the storm of grief? Enroll in "The Grief Whisperer: Becoming a Hypnotherapy Specialist in Grief and Loss" today. Remember, the first step in helping others heal is learning how.

Start your journey now by claiming your spot in this upcoming online class. Change your practice, change lives, and make a real difference in the world.

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