HYPNOtherapy approaches for trauma and attachment disorder

Attachment is the block your hypnosis sessions should be overcoming!
September 11  to October 9 on Monday nights at 8:00 pm EASTERN Time
Classes are recorded for 24/7 access if you miss any dates.

Join us:

Sept 11 to Oct 9

8:00 PM - 9:30 pm
Eastern Time

(Class is recorded for those who cannot attend real-time)

The problem your clients come to see you with today, has its origins in what happened much earlier in life. Attachment problems, adverse childhood experiences, and difficult important early relationship traumas all map over into the adult world and create havoc in the present.

Does the complex nature of trauma and attachment disorders seem overwhelming?
Join me for a five-week deep dive into attachment disorder and hypnotherapy. It all begins the first part of September.

Online with worldwide access
Ebooks, scripts, and printable resources
Multiple weekly video tutorials to help you become a master of hypnosis for attachment disorders
12 hours  of ICBCH continuing education hours, and an ICBCH Certificate of Completion

Join me for “Broken Bonds” a five-week online training course specifically designed to help professional hypnotherapists like you deal with the world of trauma and attachment disorders.

This program is packed with valuable practical training!

In the course of five weeks, we will delve deep into the core of attachment disorders, its manifestations, and implications. We will explore and demystify how this disorder manifests itself in relationship problems, emotional disturbances, unhealthy rituals, and habits. We'll also explore the problems it causes with self-confidence, fear-based living, and the struggles to feel a sense of control and autonomy.

This program, Broken Bonds, stands out as it provides you with:

Problem-focused strategies: We focus on six key problems, providing you with practical, usable strategies that you can apply in your practice immediately.

Interactive learning: Participate in online discussions, case studies, and role-plays to develop your understanding and skills.

Evidence-based techniques: Learn from the most up-to-date research and techniques in the field of hypnotherapy for trauma and attachment disorders.

Networking opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals from all around the world.

I’m sure you're wondering what specific benefits you will gain from attending the Broken Bonds course. Here are just a few:

Learn to identify and understand how attachment disorders manifest in different problems.

Develop innovative, effective hypnotherapy techniques for dealing with attachment and trauma issues.

Gain confidence in dealing with challenging disorders and effectively helping your clients navigate their way to better mental health.

Equip yourself with skills to help clients move beyond fear-based living and experience a sense of control and autonomy.

Establish yourself as a specialist in your field, broadening your professional appeal and potential client base.

Are you ready to be the catalyst for change in your clients' lives?

Are you prepared to stand out as a specialist in the field of trauma and attachment disorders? Then it’s time to act!

Sign up for the "Broken Bonds: Hypnotherapy Approaches for Trauma and Attachment Disorder" six-week online training course. Take the leap, make an investment in your career and more importantly, in your clients' well-being.

Don't wait, spaces are limited. Secure your spot today and prepare to change lives, starting with yours.

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