Turn Around Trauma: How to Live Your Best Life After Adversity

We have been given a gift, and it is called the present.
Are you ready to open this gift? It will provide a new manner of living and put some space between you and your pain. It will open the doorway to joy and give you the confidence you need to step into a new future, free from the suffering caused by your adversity. It can heal PTSD, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and literally turn around trauma.

This book shares the proven techniques to fundamentally turn around trauma after adverse childhood experiences, and other life difficulties, by learning how to rewire our own minds through practicing mindfulness, utilizing hope, and learning other practical strategies that you can benefit from.

Dr. Richard K. Nongard is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a popular keynote speaker and author, and spoke at TEDx Oklahoma City in 2019. His YouTube videos teaching mindfulness and self-hypnosis have been viewed by millions of people. He has written many books for mental health professionals and numerous books that provide guidance to people looking for solutions to life’s many difficulties.

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ISBN: 9781703092776
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