Real Hope: How Hope Drives Actions in Business, Leadership, and Real-World Victory

“Hope is not a strategy” is a cliché proclaimed time after time in business, economics, schools, and communities, but we want to argue with that. Hope is a strategy and, in some situations, the only strategy available and often relegated as the last strategy.
Randy Dobbs has been the CEO of multiple billion-dollar companies. Dr. Richard K. Nongard has been a successful psychotherapist and leadership development expert. Both have given popular TEDx talks. Professionally, and personally, they have used hope as a winning strategy and claimed victory in situations where defeat seemed certain. Together they share how hope transformed their business, leadership, and families and give the recipes for success you can bring to your own life situations.

This book is not a theory book. It is not a philosophical book. It is about the power of real hope to change lives in multiple settings. We have a hope for you, that in your business, in your leadership, and in your real-world, you will discover hope is a winning strategy. It has been for us. We wrote this book as an inspiration and we wrote this book as a practical guide.

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