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Congratulations! You have been selected as a speaker at the 2022 Mid-America Hypnosis Conference
in Lincolnshire, IL October 14-16, 2022

You MUST complete this form by 4/10/22 to confirm you intend to be a speaker.
If you do not complete this form, we may replace you.

If you are unable to speak or have changed your mind, please let me know ASAP by emailing or simply noting it on the form below where it asks for updated information. My email is richard@experthypnosis.com

Please review
the draft schedule below

This is a draft schedule showing the time allotted and the topic selected. The schedule is a draft as we finalize speakers, and is subject to change. People will be moved around as changes are made.
Do not count on the day or time refelcted here to he the same as our final revision before the event.

We had over 125 submissions, as you know it is simply not possible to allot all of the time requested to everyone. You may have submitted a one hour or two-hour proposal, and we may have adjusted that. There are one-hour spots, 90-minute spots, and two-hour spots at the conference.

In years gone by participants were charged extra for the two-hour slots. Only a handful of people attended these paid two-hour slots, but the proceeds were split with the speaker. Because we are not charging, you will have far more people in your two-hour slots, but they will not be paid.

I know many of you would like additional speaking slots. I have your proposals, and if there are speakers who choose not to attend and a slot opens up I will assign these spots to existing speakers. 


All speakers will get one ticket to attend the conference, you do not need to register or pay to attend the classes.
Speakers are responsible for their own travel, meals, and lodging expenses.
Speakers may take 3-4 minutes at the conclusion of a class filled with actionable ideas and content to promote a product or service. But recognize your buyers will support your products and services if you have spent your speaking time giving them valuable content.
Speakers will be given one ticket to attend the stage hypnosis show, additional tickets for guests may be purchased on the website.
Speakers must buy a ticket to attend the awards banquet and dinner. This is a change from previous years, but we have changed the venue and the quality of food, and this change is necessary based on the additional expenses to move to a far more professional environment with better food and service.
All events will be audio recorded and by speaking you give us permission to use the audio recordings in any way including selling these recordings as part of a package after the event. Speakers will not be video recorded, you may record your own presentation, and do as you wish with the recording, we have no restrictions on how you use your own material, audio, or video.
Speakers agree not to offer additional trainings at this venue anytime during the month of October 2022 that are no formally scheduled as a part of this event. (In other words, pre- and post- conference events must be offered as a part of this conference.) 
Please give us adequate notice if your plans change and you cannot speak this year. This is a live event, and will not be cancelled for any reason. It will not become a virtual event, and no virtual option is offered to presenters.

If you would like a vendor table for the three days, please click here to reserve. They are first come, first serve. You may also purchase banquet tickets on this page.

You can find details here for submitting a pre- or post- conference event proposal. Please note we have very limited space pre- and post- for additional events. The proposal form is here, I will make all selections within the next week so if you wish to be considered, do this immediately: https://midamericahypnosis.com/pre-or-post-convention-proposals/

Please look over the draft schedule above, and complete this form:

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