14 Things Every Hypnotist Needs to Know

Do you want to get to the Expert Level in hypnosis?

I recently taught a master class in Las Vegas and I share 14 things every hypnotist needs to know to move to the expert level. I am sharing it with you right here. No catch, just enjoy! There are a lot of ideas here, a lot of resources, and it can help you move to a new level of confidence, skill, and knowledge. Get a copy of me new book, The Seven Most Effective Methods of Self-Hypnosis on Amazon!

3:03  Which process or technique should I use?
6:49 Your hypnosis training class was only a beginning!
10:02 One-size-fits-all techniques are only a sales pitch
15:57 Richard’s favorite client in therapy
21:44 The real problem with angry clients
23:26 Evidenced-based hypnosis
24:38 Hypnotists who can’t be hypnotized!

And this is just the first half of the training!  Enjoy, the complete hour with all 14 things right here on this page for you to access right now!